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Do You Want to Feature Your identity on Google Search? If you are a little bit famous on YouTube and Instagram and you are interested in becoming more popular then you have to follow some easy steps given below.

✓ You/Your client should be a little famous in some aspects.

✓ You/Your client’s name should have appeared in at least one of the renowned news articles or newspapers. Kindly send us the URL of the news article or an image of the newspaper article.

✓ You need to provide all of the details that you want to put in your profile along with the images.

✓ If you are representing a person, kindly share proof that you have taken permission from the person for putting up the information on our website.

✓According to the WikiPura Team, You have to Give your complete information with photos.

✓You must have a social media ID on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

✓The fixed price for adding a profile on our website is $15.50

✓ If you qualify the criteria or you have any doubts, you can send us an email at [email protected]

The Process of Getting a Profile Published:

Step 1: You have to pay first.

Step 2: After paying the fee, email us your profile data along with the images, our editor will publish the profile in the next 24 working hours and you will get the published URL of your profile via email.

Benefits of Featuring Your Profile With WikiPura -:

  • You will have uniquely identified in Google Search.
  • Your profile will stay on our website forever.
  • Your fan following on your social media ID will increase.
  • Thousands of people will see your profile in the upcoming years.

For Paid Promotions -:

If you want to feature your profile on WikiPura Website, you can contact us via Email or contact form.

Pr & Advertising:

Kindly drop us an email at [email protected] for any PR or Advertising related query.