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Friends, who do not know the famous Youtuber Amit Bhadana in India today for his outlandish dialogues and country-style videos. His rhymed dialogues along with amazing comedy make him stand out from everyone and in today’s time, Amit Bhadana is considered one of the biggest bars in the world.

Although Amit Bhadana’s career started with dubbing videos, Amit did not even know that he would touch such highs, but through his hard work and struggle, Amit did something that became a source of inspiration for people. And friends, today we are going to know in this post

The full story of Amit Bhadana, who is counted among India’s largest YouTubers. How Amit has achieved this position after facing many struggles. (Amit Bhadana Biography, Amit Bhadana Wife, Amit Bhadana girlfriend, Age, Income, Net worth, New Videos)

Early life   

So, friends, this story is started on 7 September 1993 when Amit Bhadana was born in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. His father’s name is Narendra Bhadana and his mother’s name is Munis Devi. However, due to Amit’s father being a transport business, he had to come to Delhi with his entire family. 


And then after coming to Delhi, Amit studied in a school in Yamuna Bihar, although Amit did not feel much in writing, due to pressure from his family, he completed his schooling and graduated from Delhi. And after graduation, Amit also studied law. 

Amit used to have mischievous and good fun since childhood, as well as he used to make people laugh, although he himself did not know that this habit of his would make him famous in the whole world.

Amit Bhadana Struggle

In Semester’s holidays, Amit used to upload videos from his phone by dubbing them to his Facebook page, although Amit was making these videos just for fun. But people were enjoying this video very much when some The day after Amit opened his Facebook page, he saw that his videos have received a lot of likes and comments. 

And seeing this, Amit started dubbing a lot of videos and friends, the dubbing on the border movie those videos became very viral but these videos did not last long. Because Amit used to use videos of others and songs of others. Due to which copyright strikes started coming on their videos and all their videos were deleted from Facebook. 

Seeing all this, Amit started getting very upset and was also very unhappy with himself. They could not understand what to do next but Amit liked to make videos but like his previous videos and videos will not get deleted, Amit always had fear of this. 

Amit Bhadana Success Time

Then a few days later a friend of Amit told Amit about YouTube and also said that Amit can make good videos and earn money from it and people will also get to know him. Although Amit was afraid to come in front of the camera at first, his friends encouraged him and then before making his own videos, Amit also watched some comedy videos and wines so that he could face the camera easily. 

But when Amit started watching the videos, he saw that many people make videos that people cannot sit with the family (family) because in those videos people would give vulgar words and abuses to make people laugh. Were. And when Amit saw all this, Amit was determined to make such videos that people could sit and watch with their family and friends. 

Amit Bhadana and Youtube

And friends, the only way to become famous on YouTube is to do something different from the crowd and then after deciding, Amit started making videos in his own language, Amit had made his first video and uploaded it to YouTube though Not many people saw Amit’s videos in Suruwat but slowly people started gathering with Amit. 

And when the news of Amit’s housemates that Amit made videos, his family advised him to leave it all and concentrate on studies because his family wanted Amit to study advocacy (LA) and his Start as a career lawyer. 

However, Amit also did not want to make his family miserable, so after finishing graduation, Amit also took admission in the college to study law, but whenever he got time, he used to go out to make videos. And when Amit came out with the camera, some of his friends used to make fun of him too, but after Amit’s success, he yearns to take selfie with him. 

Amit Bhadana Net worth and Amit Bhadana Income

Amit Bhadana has a net worth of $ 6.3 million in 2021, which is around 50 crores in Indian money. Amit Bhadana makes money mainly from YouTube, in which he takes sponsorship from many companies and earns money from them as well as Amit Bhadana also earns money from Instagram and Facebook. Amit earns 20 – 25 lakhs from YouTube in a month. Amit’s earnings are doubling every year and at the same time his friends also earn millions. 

Name  Amit Bhadana
Profession Youtuber , Comedian
Amit Bhadana Net Worth In 2021$ 7 million doller
Net worth In Indian rupees   50 crore
Amit Bhadna Monthly Income 20 – 25 crore
Amit Bhadana Yearly Income 5 crore
Income SourcesYoutube, Sponsorship, instagram 
Last Updated 2021
Youtube Per Video Income8 lakhs 

Amit Bhadana Girlfriend , Affairs , Family , friends

Although Amit Bhadana has not told anyone much about their relationship yet, in one of Amit’s songs, Amit had said that he has a girlfriend. But Amit has not talked much about him yet, nor has he shared any photos with him, due to which no one knows much about Amit’s girlfriend. Many people also call Riya Amit’s girlfriend but Amit is not where Riya is Amit’s very good friend and there is nothing like that between them.

 Amit Bhadana Girlfriend  Not Known
 Amit Bhadana Friends  Vikas, Riya Mavi, Carryminati 
 Father  Narendra Bhadana 
 Mother  Munish devi 
 Brother  Sumit Bhadana 

Amit Bhadana Height Weight and Basic Information

Real name  Amit Bhadana 
Age  28 Years
height 6 Feet
Weight 65 Kg 
Date of Birth 7 September 1993

Unkown Facts About Amit Bhadana 

  • Amit gets intoxicated? ” No “
  • Does Amit drink alcohol (Alcohol)? ” No “
  • Amit Bhadana has found the highest number of subscribers in 24 hours at 84 thousand. 
  • Amit Bhadana loves animals. 
  • Amit always makes videos in his native language Hindi. 

Amit Bhadana Famous Dialogs (Amit Bhadana’s Famous Dialogues)

  • Master does not say it, do not read it, the name is to create a lot of it.
  • Jwala is also awake inside, what is tight, your battle is not with the world but with yourself. 
  • Among the Seths, Seth Amit Bhadana Seth, the rest is the photo state. 
  • Hasina is white, sack of money kept at home. 
  • Mahesh Suresh will have two children in his heart, what would you like to be his mother. 
  • Neither gurur nor kasoor, that’s why Amit Bhadana is famous nowadays. 
  • Nobody has any concern, your brother has no concern. 
  • The biggest war in life is, your brother’s hand is tight in English. 
  • Leave all those businesses which have dirty results, now we will spend a few days doing good work, only after getting cold will you get a new girl 
  • What will spoil the world, when Amit is roaming everywhere       

Amit Bhadana’s popular Videos (Famous videos of Amit Bhadana)

  • Parichay – Amit Bhadana (Official Music Video)
  • Types Of People In Bus – Amit Bhadana
  • School Ke Wo Din – Amit Bhadana
  • Behan Bhai Ki School Life – Amit Bhadana 
  • Desi Vs Others (Relationship ki Kahani) – Amit Bhadana
  • Dastaan-E-Dhokha- Amit Bhadana
  • Office Office (Kahani Har Daftar ki) 
  • Sarkari Vidyalaya (Happy New Year) – Amit Bhadana
  • Berozgari – Amit Bhadana
  • Behan Bhai In A Desi Family – Raksha Bandhan Special
  • Padhaku Vs Last Bencher – Amit Bhadana
  • Cat Amit – Anju Ka   

Amit Bhadana Songs

  1. Parichay 
  2. Aatmvishvas 

Questions related to Amit Bhadana

1. Amit Bhadana Comdey ? Youtuber  and Comedian

2. Amit Bhadana Wife ? Not Known

3. Amit Bhadana Age ? 28 Years   

4. Amit Bhadana Net Worth In Indian Rupees ? 50 Crore   

5. Amit Bhadana Net Worth In Doller ? $ 7 million    

6. Amit Bhadana Monthly Income ?  10 Lakhs Per Month    

7. Amit Bhadana Yearly Income ?  5 Crore

8. Amit Bhadana Youtube? Amit Bhadana & Amit Bhadana Dwitiya

9. Amit Bhadana Cast? Hindu

10. Amit Bhadana Subscribers? 22.2 Million

11 Amit Bhadana all Actress name? Vikas, Amit Bhadana, Riya  

12. Amit Bhadana Twitter? @iAmitBhadana   

13. Amit Bhadana instagram? theamitbhadana

14. Amit Bhadana Brother? Sumit Bhadana

15. Amit bhadana facebook? Amit Bhadana

16 Amit Bhadana House ? Not Known

17. Amit Bhadana BirthPalce? Uttar Pradesh

18. Amit Bhadana Belongs to which state ? Uttar Pradesh   

19. Amit Bhadana Girl Friend ? Not Known

Amit Bhadana Social Media Handles 

1. Amit Bhadana Youtube – Amit Bhadana  

 2. Amit Bhadana Instagram – theamitbhadana    

3. Amit Bhadana twitter – @iAmitBhadana    

4. Amit Bhadana Second Youtube channel – Amit Bhadana Dwitiya 

Amit Bhadana Friends 

1. Vikas    

2. Riya Mavi  

3. Chitraanshi 

4. Rohit Sharma    

Friends, I hope you like Amit Bhadana’s biography if you like this post of Amit Bhadana (Amit Bhadana Biography, Amit Bhadana Wife, Amit Bhadana girlfriend, Age, Income, Net worth, New Videos) If felt, then comment and if there is any mistake in the post then do not forget to comment and your attention to read this post. 

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