Angel rai Biography, Age, Career, Family, Affairs & More

Angel rai Biography, Age, Career, Family, Affairs & More

Angel Rai is an Indian actress, model and singer known for her music tracks “Raanjhanaa,” “Ek Nazar” and “Jab Chale Mera Jadu” . The social media personality first became popular on TikTok and has since become one of the most followed Indian celebrities on the platform. With millions of followers.

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Angel rai biography

Angel rai was born on 7 March 1996 in Mumbai, India. Angel keeps her personal life private and does not talk about it on social media , and hence, not much is known about her family, upbringing or personal life .

As of September 2020, Angel rai has over 13,000 Facebook fans, 737,000 Instagram followers, 14.3 million TikTok followers, and 15,200 YouTube subscribers. Angel first rose to fame on the video-sharing platform Tiktok .

The young model and actress became popular by posting lip-sync videos, challenge videos , lifestyle videos and dancing videos on TikTok . His videos will often be viewed more than 500,000 times. Angel has become one of India ‘s top influencers on TikTok with millions of followers .

Angel Rai started her career with Tik Tok as she always loves to make great videos. So when he started he realized his heart that’s saying it’s your passion

And with this passion spirit she gets 14.7M followers on Tik Tok . His concept is so unique in all his videos. His lip sync and especially comedy videos are loved by all .

Angel rai social media

Angel rai also has thousands of followers on Instagram and YouTube . On Instagram, she posts modeling pictures, videos from her Tiktok account and private pictures with friends. On YouTube, Angel posts several dancing videos and challenge videos.

Some of his most popular videos are dances performed on other songs . In addition, Angel has a profile on Likee in India and remains popular on the app. Angel has recorded many songs as an Indian artist . Many of his songs are popular on YouTube and other music platforms.

Angel rai Education

She was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra , India . So his education also started from here. From the very beginning she always thought that she would enter the industry but after completing her schooling from here. Now she also completes her higher secondary education, but the most important thing is that when Tik Tok comes at that time , she feels that she has a chance in the industry.

Angel rai Personal life

Her personal life is not much open and she does not want to talk about it. As per our information, she has no boyfriend and is not in any relationship but maybe she knew better and better about their life .

Angel rai Net worth

She is always looking for success in her life and when she finds a Tik Tok as the start of her passion she started it with passion and also she always has the passion to achieve success.

After much struggle she finally rose to fame and many of her videos went viral on Tik Tok which also makes her a trending social media . She attains financial independence from her passion and has a net worth of $100k US dollars.

Angel rai Facts

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