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Apart from Haryanvi songs in the Haryanvi music industry, Hindi pop music has very few singer-songwriters who have stepped in, the best of those artists and the name of the singer-songwriter and composer who has made his songs very closely and seriously. The name of the protagonist is Shamil.

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Anil Nayak’s career and struggle

Anil Nayak was born on 5 May 1992 in a Hindu family in Sirsa, Haryana. Anil Nayak has studied class X from the school of Sri Mahavir Dal Higher School (GPS Mahavir Dal Sirsa) in Sirsa and has since completed his Class XI and XII standard (GPS Khairpur Sirsa).

Further studies, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science from Indira Gandhi National University, New Delhi. But going through a difficult time of life, Anil Nayak worked as a computer operator at the photostat shop for 3 years.

Anil then got a job in a bank on his own ability but also continued his music career. He began the journey of music by writing songs in the class room of his school.

Anil initially wanted to become a songwriter but later became very interested in guitar and started learning guitar online. After being able to play guitar and play music. He started incorporating famous songs on YouTube and attracted a lot of attention there.

Playing his guitar and singing which soon turned into his passion and his struggle and hard work in your life, Anil became an independent artist as a singer-songwriter and music producer in the music industry.

Anil Nayak does not belong to the music family. Right now, Anil is teaching both of you children in his music career as well as in a bank job and in his further studies and school. Anil Nayak with a simple personality leads a simple life. He speaks Hindi, Punjabi and Haryanvi.

Anil Nayak made his acting debut in 2011 with the Indian short mystery film One Last Dream (2010). In addition, he also played underground roles in a few short films, but later the hero turned to music. Nayak has said that he would prefer to continue acting if he gets an opportunity in the future.

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Friends, in this post we gave you information about Anil Nayak Biography.

Some facts about Anil Nayak

  • Along with singing, he composes songs along with singing.
  • His original name is Anil Nayak, people know him by the name of Anil Nayak.
  • Anil Nayak was born in the city of Sirsa in Haryana, he is a follower of Hinduism.
  • Anil Nayak’s height is five feet-9 inches in height and weighs 74 forts and is physically fit.
  • Often, they bring songs on youth-related topics.
  • One Last Dream (2010) Dead Body Film Debut as Hindi and English Actor
  • They speak and understand Hindi, Haryanvi and Punjabi languages.
  • He wants to become a musician with a lyricist.
  • Anil Nayak does not smoke
  • Anil Nayak does not drink alcohol
  • Emporio Armani Watch is always on his wrist.
  • Anil has a collection of many well-known expensive brands besides Emporio Armani and Fasttrack.
  • Anil likes to live a simple life to Nayak.
  • Anil Nayak has been a fan of Atif Aslam and Jal The Band since 2007.

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Friends, in this post we gave you   information about Anil Nayak Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family & more , hope you will like this information related to Anil Nayak’s life.

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