Arvind Arora Biography, Height, Networth, Family, Wife Name, Age, Bio, More

Arvind Arora Biography, Height, Networth, Family, Wife Name, Age, Bio, More

Friends, nowadays many people make videos, but how famous can it be by creating a video, have you ever thought, otherwise today we are going to read one such person in this post, Arvind Arora Biography. 

Arvind Arora, who is known as Aa A2 Motivation, but do you know how Arvind Arora became such a successful and successful video content creator. So today in this post we will read about his life and struggle through Arvind Arora’s biography.

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Arvind Arora is a short video content creator who produces short videos on YouTube. Along with this, Arvind Arora is also a teacher who teaches at Vedantu Institute. Arvind makes knowledge, GK, many facts related videos on his YouTube channel. 




Early life

Arvind Arora is born in a common family of a village called Suratgarh in Rajasthan. He has completed his primary education at his village’s primary school. 


Arvind has completed his twelfth class science side. After that, he wanted to do engineering, but his dream was not fulfilled due to economic problems, then he studied master’s in science with an MSc degree. Today he is a successful motivational speaker and a renowned teacher. 

Current life

Friends, Arvind currently teaches as a teacher in an institute called Vedantu, as well as making videos on YouTube. Arvind Arora is from Gujarat, but at present, he lives in Bangalore. Arvind is not married yet.

Net Worth

As Arvind has told in one of his videos that he earns between 50 lakh and 3 crores in a year. But he has not spoken about his net worth. Arvind makes money through many mediums, but Arvind earns the most money from YouTube, besides Arvind’s small business and investment.


Arvind Arora currently lives with his parents, yet Arvind Arora has not married. But in one of his videos, he said that he is going to get married very soon. 

My opinion on Arvind Arora 

Friends, the biography of Arvind Arora Sir is truly an example for all, that if a man wants to do something with a sincere heart, then no one can stop him. If you have got a little value after reading Arvind Arora’s biography. So do comment and if any mistake of any kind is seen in the post, then we will comment on it. Thank you very much for reading Arvind Arora’s biography.

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