Bade Sharma Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Affairs & More

Hello friends, I am going to tell you today about Bade sharma biography, he is an actor, director, writer.

Bade Sharma makes comedy videos mostly. Bade Sharma tvf is the actor of tsp youtube channel. It is very famous for its acting.

His acting people like it very much. Bade Sharma has made many videos for TVF, TSP. If you do not know about Bade Sharma, then let me tell you about Bade Sharma.

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Bade sharma biography

Bade Sharma’s real name is Abhinav Anand. Bade Sharma is born in Forbesganj, Bihar. Bade Sharma did his studies at Delhi Public School, Agra.

After this he did his further studies Masters in Construction. Bade Sharma Kama’s father is a civil engineer, and his mother was a housewife.

Bade Sharma loves photography very much. He made a short film during his college day “Aashna” which was very popular.

Bade sharma career

When Bade Sharma was studying 11th, he performed at a farewell party, which his family was fascinated by seeing.

Bade Sharma was away from all these things because his father was a civil engineer. Bade Sharma also had to become a civil engineer.

When he passed 12th, he went to Kota to study for Bade Sharma Engineering. Bade Sharma took admission in KIIT to do an engineering course and went to Bhuneshwar and met Vaha’s people and started studying.

When he was in his second year of college, together with his friends, he created a short spoof “Gang of the Unemployed”.

Which was very viral, seeing which he got a chance to work in TVF. Then Bade Sharma joined the TVF and made the Gang of Wasseypur spoof.

When the elder Sharma finished his college, he got a job as a junior civil engineer.

Bade Sharma did this job for a year. Bade Sharma wanted to make a video but he could not say this to his father that he should work for TVF.

One day Bade Sharma talked to his friends and his friend suggested to work in TVF.

Bade Sharma asked his father-in-law to work in TVF and his father agreed and agreed. From there, Bade Sharma went to Mumbai and joined TVF and started making videos for him.

His acting people started to like him very much. Bade Sharma makes videos for YouTube’s big channel TVF, TSP. His video people like it very much. Bade sharma biography in hindi

Bade Sharma’s Instagram account

Bade Sharma has 72.5K followers on his Instagram account. The user name on Bade Sharma’s Instagram account is baskarabhi .

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