Beauty Khan Biography, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Family, & More

Today we are going to tell you about the famous star Beauty Khan who is a social media influencer, actor, comedian and Tik Tok star. She has touched the hearts of everyone through her acting, often or keeps on trending on the tik tok platform of social media.

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Beauty Khan Biography

His lifestory is very motivational. You can be Bhauka by listening to his story. Also, if you also want to be famous on tik tok, then after listening to his story, you will get a lot of motivation too. Today I will tell you his biography along with lifestory. So let’s start without any delay. 


Instant biography of Beauty khan

  • Real – Beauty khan
  • DOB – 18 March 2001
  • Address– West Bengal, India
  • Current Address– Kolkata, west । 
  • Tik Tok Id– cutybeautykhan
  • Followers– 18.2 million on Tik Tok
  • Likes– 504 million on Tik Tok
  • To make Famous for– Tik Tok videos. 
  • Sister’s – Jiya khan
  • Mother’s name – not mentioned. 
  • School– from Kolkata. 
  • Nationality– Indian
  • Religion – Muslim. 

Beauty khan tik tok star Lifestory

Let me tell you that his real name is Beauty khan. He was born on 18 March 2001 in Kolkata West Bengal and his mother lives with him, as well as a cousin named Jiya khan. You will often see this on their videos. It seems to me that his father is not there in this world.

I am also very sad to know that if you are a fan of them or if you like their videos, then we will definitely tell us by commenting. Now let’s talk about where he did his study from? So yes, he has done his study kolkata from West Bengal only.

beauty khan 7

It is also faster in education since childhood, it is almost from the poor house, you can understand by watching their videos that it is not very rich yet. Almost all social media handles are used. It is said that he likes to make videos on Tik Tok, and it puts videos on his Tik Tok account every day,

Perhaps this is the reason why or today is so much more famous. His mother fully supports this. If you get family support then it is a little easier to achieve your success. How would you like to know this story? Please comment below. 

Beauty khan tik tok journey

Let me tell you that the journey of his Tik Tok was not so easy. He used to get very few likes in the beginning. Even after that, he did not give up and today has achieved such a huge success on Tik Talk. Let me tell you that it used to creat videos on a platform named Likee App earlier. His sister Jiya Khan, who is also quite famous on Likee.

Both of them started putting the video together on Tik Tok from 2019 and both together appear on Tik Tok. Let me tell you that it has put more than 1800 videos on its Tik Tok account.

Beauty Khan 02

After working hard, it has become so famous today that the most surprising thing on Tik Tok is that it has neither an expensive phone nor an expensive setup. Which is very important to be famous on Tik Tok in today’s time.

He started making videos on Tik Talk from a low cost phone. It is clear from this that if you have the ability to work hard as well as have some kind of talent. So you can be famous on Tik Tok. While it has not bought Iphone even after being so famous, and today it is also a “popular creator” on Tick Talk. 

Beauty khan sister

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Yes, Beauty khan also has a sister. Which is his cousin. His name is Jiya khan, as well as he is very popular on Likee app. The two always make Tik Tok videos together. By reading what I have told you so far, you must have liked it and if you also want to become famous on Tik Tok then you can. But appko will have to work hard. 

Final Word

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