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Today we are going to know about Bhuvan bam ,who earned his name in big YouTube on YouTube. Today every person in India who accesses YouTube or Internet. They all must know about Bhuvan Bam. Because whenever Bhuvan Bam’s video comes on YouTube, all his videos are on #Trending for several days. But very few people will know about his lifestyle and his personal life. That is why today I will tell you the complete biography about them.

So hello friends, all of you are very welcome in this new article of our wikipura blog where I will get to know you on YouTube’s famous Youtuber Bhuvan Bam biography life story (BB KI VINES).

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Who is bb ki vines (Bhuvan Bam)

Bhuvan bam was born on 22 January 1994 in Delhi. He did his schooling from Delhi’s Green Field School. He is known for his YouTube channel Bub’s Vines. Someone rightly said,  “There is an interest between success and failure.” If you are interested in one thing, you will do it with all your heart and your chances are increased.

In such a situation, if a person is young, he should do what he wanted in childhood. So they are 99% likely to succeed.

A similar story is from Youtube Superstar Bhuvan Bam, the founder of BB Ki Vines, who was an entertainer in childhood and now went on to succeed the same entertainment skill.

By the way, Bhuvan Bomb himself plays 15 characters in his YouTube video. In which Banchore Das, Dada ji, Sameer, Hola are very popular characters.

Bhuvan always takes full care of the originality, quality and creativity of his videos.

Bhuvan Bam Success Story

If you are an Indian youth who has an internet connection at home, then it is almost impossible that you are run by “Bibi Ki Vines”, a popular YouTube channel, Bhuvan Bam. It is very popular among the youth. Today, each video uploaded by BB Ki Vines is viewed thousands of times.

When asked about his success story, he says. “Bibi’s wine really changed my life. I was completely confused about what to do in life. I was doing music. I loved to make people laugh by telling jokes and I was an entertainer in my class. Bibi’s wine started suddenly. “

Today he has crossed 20.6 Million Subscribers on Youtube, he is the first Indian Individual Youtuber to get 20.6 Million Subscribers. Among these Subscribers not only Indians, but also Pakistan, Bangladeshi and Nepalese and other countries have a large number of followers.

How did BB KI VINES start ?

When asked Bhuvan bam, he said, “One day I was watching TV at my house. One news channel had coverage of Kashmir floods. A news reporter covered a story about a mother who lost her child, asking some silly questions. He felt he needed. ” Do something in your own style (with a joke on it). He uploaded a video to his Facebook page. Throughout the night, the video went viral.

bhuvan bam used to upload his videos on his Facebook profile, which his friends used to say that he should stop what he is doing but he did not listen to anyone. His fourth video did not come. Encouraged and continued to make videos.

Then a friend told them to do videos on YouTube instead of uploading them on Facebook. This will not affect the personal profile either and Earning from YouTube will also happen.

Bhuvan then made the first video from his Nexus phone and uploaded the BB Ki Vines channel to YouTube.

  This video crossed 50 thousand views in just a few weeks. When he checked the comment session, it was found out that his video went viral in a college in Pakistan. He was very much liked by the people.

In June 2015, he began airing videos on his YouTube channel. Currently, he is one of the fastest growing YouTube stars.

The biggest reason for his popularity is his writing skills. All his videos are viral in today’s time. You will be surprised to know that Bhuvan Bomb has achieved such a huge success in just two years, whoever knows it.

Bhuvan Bam Personal Life

Bhuvan bam used to be a Belong from a middle class family, he has a brother. He has been with his mother, father, brother since childhood.

Bhuvan is a good YouTuber as well as a good actor, singer, guitarist, song writer, he writes his own content and is only 25 years old.

His real name is Bhubaneswar Bam. His nick name is bb, bam. His favorite actor is Nawazuddin Siddike. Bhuvan is unmarried. He appears in many characters on his YouTube channel. Indian

Rapper raftaar likes his saree video a lot. Everyone is shocked to see their fan following. Bhuvan prefers to keep his personal life secret, yet his girlfriends have not come forward in any way, past or present.


From the beginning, he was very poor in studies, but was in the forefront of the class in entertainment. Instead of books, he was more focused on breathtaking things like music, jokes and so on.

Somehow he passed the metric. The parents asked him to have a good scope in commerce and took him to commerce. But he did not mind at all in his studies, he used to focus more on learning music and singing. Due to these reasons, the intermediate examination got very low marks. So that his parents did not force him to continue commerce.

So he started studying history with a subject honors subject in DU’s Shaheed Bhagat Singh College and worked on his passion music for the rest of the time.


Bhuvan bam started singing from 9-12 pm at the nearby restorent, where he worked for almost 2 years.

The reason for working in the restaurant for such a long time was the improvement in his singing. He then wrote, sang and composed a song himself. Which he uploaded on social sites and it slowly went viral.
Large production houses such as Foxstar studio could not be fascinated by the excellent quality of this song.

He got a call from the Foxstar studio studio. He was supposed to sing for the film “Basad” at the village. Bhuvan then sang two songs and showed Foxstar studio but he did not like the song.

 Then Bhuvan started working in the upper room of the house leaving food and drink for ten consecutive days and sang seven songs. Then show Foxstar Studios. Foxstar Studios also disliked this time. Then he realized that no work should be done for free.

Her Main Earning was from singing in Parties, Festivals and Events. But today Bhuvan’s YouTube is such a populity, that by uploading just two videos in a month, they earn 3-4 lakh rupees.

After Bhuvan Bam became popular, many songs were also sung which became very popular.

Best songs of Bhuvan Bam The audience likes all the songs sung by Bhuvan Bam . Songs and its release date-

  • Teri Meri Kahani – 2 August 2016
  • Saung hoon tere – 12 January 2018
  • Travel – 13 June 2018
  • Rah Gujar – 29 August 2018

Shocking and Interesting FACT About BHUVAN BAM

He is associated with TVF for some of his shows.

-Bhuvan never smokes alcohol, cigarettes.

– He deleted his first video chakna issue from youtube.

-He is associated with videos of Pakistan such as bekar vines and karachi vines.

By the end of the year 2018, 1.5 billion views on his YouTube channel had garnered 20.6 million subscriber.

-Before becoming a YouTuber star, he used to go to restaurants everywhere and sing.

Last Word

So this was about Bhuvan Bam’s personal life and his biography. Hope you got information about  Bhuvan Bam biographysuccess story of Bhuvan Bam Youtuber,  I hope you like this information. And if you liked this biography, then do share it with your friends.

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