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Bikash Noatia was born on 10 January 2000 in Tripura. He known as Indian Actor and Influencer. He is Youngest Influencer and Actor in Tripura. He Started his music Carrier in 2021 on YouTube and all Music Streaming Platforms.

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Bikash Noatia had to go through many ups and downs but he firmly believes that one should deal with his own problems instead of worrying about it. He believes in helping other people through whichever way he can and that’s what he does through his careers.

One of the social media platforms is YouTube which has allowed people to share their skills and honed talents in an innovative way. One such man is Bikash Noatia who holds expertise in various social media marketing and digital marketing skill sets.Bikash primarily helps people or influencer get themselves verified on different social media platforms. Besides helping to get verified, on different social media platforms.

He has emerged as a youngest and talented influencer who is known for his expertise in various technology issues. He guides and shares his ideas with his people. He has emerged as an inspiration for many for his exceptional skills and ideas. He is all set to go a long way in his career and this is just his start.

He still keeps working hard to keep growing professionally as well as personally. When other people of his age were busy worrying about their results and other important entrance exams he was busy building his professional life and that’s what sets him different from others. He is improving his skills with the passage of time and we all know that it will help him to achieve his dreams.

Nowadays, everyone want to become a successful person. As well with name everyone want fame also. But, here ABikash Noatia started his journey as a Model and Influencer carrier to become a successful person. They only want name. Because, according to Bikash Noatia if you get name then you will getting fame automatically.

Bikash Noatia Early life

He has expertise in different technology issues that sets his popularity soaring in the recent past few months over the landscape. Besides, he is also a social media influencer. He culminates all his activities over YouTube, helping him emerge as a noted YouTuber on social media in his circles.

The growth of the internet has given many things to the users and this includes social media as well. YouTube remains an important platform, which can be leveraged in different ways. India has emerged with more than 700 million people and thus has refined the web world in a big way. At the helm of affairs, YouTube has gained a good popularity on the web. This has given several technical experts and digital marketers to toy around with their ideas to leverage the platform of YouTube.

Bikash Noatia Family & Caste

Bikash Noatia was born in a Noatia community. His father’s name is Sunirmal Noatia, and his mother’s name is Bhagyati Noatia. He has one brother, and his  name Akash Noatia.

Religion/Religious Views:

Bikash Noatia follows Hinduism

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Akash Noatia

Akash Noatia is known is an Indian singer , Influencer and Actor. He was introduced to the music industry launch his first soundtrack “Ak Chill Beats” on YouTube first.

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