Code With Harry Biography, Family, Net Worth, Age & More

Code with Harry is also a programmer, web developer educator and creator of YouTube pay videos and best of all, Code with Harry hails from Rampur in Uttar Pradesh, India. 

He has also completed his school and college studies from Rampur. Code with Harry graduated in B. Tech (B Tech) and M. Tech (M Tech) also IITs (IIT Kharagpur)  is accomplished Kharagpur. 

Code With Harry Biography, Family, Net Worth, Age & More

Harry has also done internships in many companies. Harry has also done internships in many cities like London, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Harry now works in the company as a software engineer as well as his and There are many businesses.

Harry also has a YouTube channel where he teaches programming and related skills to people. So today we will learn about Harry’s name, age, net worth code with Harry Biography in this post. 

Code with Harry Biography

Full Name Haris Khan (Harris Khan)
 Father Name (Father’s Name) not known 
 Mother Name not known 
 Siblings (relative) not known 
 Birthplace   Delhi , India 
 Nationality (  Nationality)  Indian 
 EducationB Tech, M Tech (B Tech, M Tech)
College IIT Kharagpur (I IT Kharagpur)
 Present Live Place Uttar Pradesh Rampur Rampur Uttar Pradesh 
 WorkSoftware Engineer , web developer, Programmer 

Harry is born into a normal family in Uttar Pradesh. Since childhood, Harry has been focusing on computers and technology related to computers, how computers and technology work and Harry is very interested in learning about computers. Therefore, Harry made his passion programming his profession and also completed his further studies in his field. 

In this, his family also supported Harry and always support him. Harry completed his schooling from his village Uttar Pradesh, Rampur. Harry has completed his B Tech and M Tech graduate from IIT Kharagpur.

 Harry is today a successful software engineer and web developer, as well as doing many company and freelancing tasks. Harry also has a YouTube channel where he informs people about programming. And make many courses available to people for free. 

code with harry real name

Harry’s subscriber hair on YouTube and many people who follow Harry, no one yet knows Harry’s real name, people know him because of the code with Harry’s channel. Harry himself has not even mentioned his name on any video or anywhere, so people are very curious about knowing his name. 

But you have no need to worry, we watched a lot of his videos to know about his name and then we came to know that his real name is Haris Khan. Due to which he has kept the name of his channel similar to that of Code With Harry . 


 Birth Date  not known 
 Birth Year 1996 
 Current Age24 Years (24 years)
 Birth Place Delhi , India 

There is no doubt that Harry is still a yang and young man. We also do not know anything special about his birth, age. But from some places it is known that Harry was born in the year 1996.  

According to which his age is currently around 24 years. So far Harry has been successful in his life. Whenever we get any new information related to Harry, we will definitely share it with you.


 Net Worth (Total Earnings)$120K  
Net Worth In Rupees (Total Earnings in Rupees)90 Lakhs 
Net Worth In 2018$10K 
Net Worth In 2019  $40K 
Net Worth In 2020$90K   
 Job Salary $10K  
 Profession You tube Content Creator Programmer 
 Income Sources You tube , Website, Freelancing Projects, etc    

The total earning of Harry’s life is around 90 lakhs. There is no doubt that this amount of money is not much more than Harry’s hard work, but it is also not less. Harry earns more money from his YouTube channel and his programming website Code with Harry. Apart from this, Harry also works in the company as a software engineer.  

Harry is a good and expert programmers and they are many Kmpuytr Language ( Computer Language make) the information is also causing the website to a lot of their Customers should part-time and software. And at the same time, many freelancing websites also make money by doing projects.  

Harry’s main source of income is his YouTube channel and his website, with which he also sees his father’s business and invests in the stock market.  


As we have read above, Harry has always been very involved in computers and technology, so Harry finished his schooling and completed his college with Science Stream in college. So that they are ready for further engineering studies. After finishing his college, Harry received his B Tech and M Tech degrees. 

With which he was able to become a successful engineer and developer in his life. Harry also made many projects during his engineering, due to which Harry was also supported by his professors and Harry got the opportunity to work in cities like Singapore and London, Taiwan and Hong Kong where he got many big programmers and new people.

Harry has told that he also met John Elkington and it was a big deal for him and Harry describes himself as very lucky for all of them to get this opportunity. Harry taught a lot to many people and was able to succeed. Harry then started working as a software engineer and worked with clients as well. 

Code With Harry FAILURES TIME 

In 2016, Harry started his YouTube channel, which he named Hindi Coding Zone. Harry used to teach programming and coding in Hindi on that channel. But for some reason YouTube deleted his channel. Due to which Harry was very tense. 

But Harry did not stop, he created a new YouTube channel again named Harry Hindi Gaming Zone ( Hindi Gaming Zone was placed). The channel foot Harry used to do gaming and also do the logo mimicry like Amitabh Bachchan King Khan and many others. But this channel of Harry was also not successful, he was able to connect only 13 thousand people with this channel.  

Code With Harry SUCCESS TIME

Then in 2018, Harry created a new programming channel, which he named Code with Harry, on which he teaches programming language to the people. Harry said as his channel legs kept making lots of language video JavaScript (Javascript), Python ( Python is being taught in many languages), C (C), C ++ (C ++), Java (Java). The most important thing is that where people teach computer language by paying thousands of money, but Harry has taught all for free. 

Due to which people have also liked his videos very much and today YouTube channel Par Harry has one million subscribers (1 Million Subscribers) and his videos have been viewed by more than 7 million people. Harry has made 1186 videos on his channel. And they say that they will continue to learn the people in the same way.   

Harry has also started his English channel on which he learns programming and coding in English. On which they have a subscriber base of 50 thousand. 

You can call Harry a successful October, but Harry’s journey was very difficult as we read that his first channel was terminated by YouTube, and after that he made a re-programming channel and this effort made Harry his YouTube Helped make Chanelle successful. 


Martial Status  Not Married  
 Relationship Status  Single 
 Girl Friend  None 

Once, a subscriber of Harry asked Harry about his relationship, Harry said “I am single and I don’t want to get into any relationship right now, I want to give time to my career and programming right now” 

But that was three years ago, do you know that Harry is now in a relationship with someone, but there is no confirmed information about it. And Harry is a good programmer, it doesn’t matter whether he is in a relationship or not. 


Code With Harry Biography Age ,Real Name , Net Worth

 Height  5 Feet 10 Inches 178 cm (In centimeter)
 Weight 65 kilograms 145lbs ( In Pounds) 
 BMI Score 20.5
 Hair Color black
 Eye Color  Black
 Shoe Size Nine

Harry’s height is 5 feet 10 inches and his weight is around 65 kg. Harry’s beam score is around 21.  

Code With Harry SOCIAL MEDIA

 Main You tube Channel Code With Harry 
 Other You tube Channel Hindi Gaming Zone , Programming With Harry
 Instagram Followers 56.6k followers
 Handle @codewithharry
 Twitter Followers 400+
 Twitter Handle @Haris_Is_Here
 Facebook Followers 7k + followers 

Due to being a YouTube content creator, Code with Harry is also active on social media platforms. Harry has a lot of followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. Harry has the most followers on YouTube and Harry is the most active on YouTube, which is why he has the highest number of followers on all his social media. 

There are close to 56 thousand followers on Harry’s Instagram. Harry is more active on YouTube as well as on Instagram where he shares programming related jokes, comedy videos, personal photos.  

Harry is also active on Facebook. Harry here also shares coding related photo problems and many knowledgeable photos and videos, due to which Harry has over 7 thousand followers on Facebook as well.

Harry also has an account on Twitter, but like all social media platforms, Harry is not very active on Twitter. But now many of Harry’s subscribers are following him on Twitter as well. 


As you read, Harry is a programmer, due to which he has a lot of interest Programming and coding. Along with this, Harry also enjoys dancing, cooking, playing cricket and playing games. But Harry loves coding the most. 


Perhaps you may be thinking how do I know so much about Harry, then let me tell you that I am also an engineering student, due to which I keep watching videos and content related to programming on YouTube and this is why I am Harry I also came to know about the channel and I have been following Harry since 70s of Harry had Subscribers on YouTube. 

And in fact, I have gained a lot of knowledge from Harry Sir’s videos. I have watched many channels but hardly anyone teaches coding like Harry, due to which I am very happy and all the content of Harry is completely free which is good for everyone. 

Code With Harry Favorite Things

FoodPizza & Burger
Favorite GameGTA
Favorite SportCricket
Food HabitsNon-Vegetarian
HobbiesCoding, Cooking & Travelling

Code With Harry Contact Information

YouTube (Code With Harry)Visit Now (1.9M+)
YouTube (Programmingwihharry)Visit Now (100K+)
InstagramVisit Now (100K+)
FacebookVisit Now (30K+)
Email[email protected]

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