Cuty Dipa Biography, Age, Height, Family, Boyfriend & More

Cuty Dipa is a TikTok star, who first makes videos on TikTok, now she makes videos on Instagram as well. Cuty Dipa is a content creator who used to make videos of poetry.

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Cuty Dipa Biography

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Cuty Dipa was born on 27 July 1999. Cuty Dipa was very fond of dancing since childhood and the style of writing poetry and speaking on her is different from what she is on Tik Tok.

Their fruits came and suddenly grew so fast that within just 5 months they had met, although, after the closure of TikTok, Cuty Dipa used to make videos on Instagram and make videos on YouTube.

Cuty Dipa now makes videos on the tiki app. Cuty Dipa is now married, She make videos with your husband.

Cuty Dipa makes videos with a lot of hard work. Cuty Dipa video of Shayari went viral

Cuty Dipa Physical Stats

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The height of Cuty Dipa is 5 feet 150 cm.

Cuty Dipa weighs 52kg 

Cuty Dipa family

Talking about Cuty Dipa family, it is three sisters and four brothers. Cuty Dipa is the younger sister.

Cuty Dipa Affairs

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Cuty Dipa along with her boyfriend got married to rockstar on 21st March 2021, now in 2021 she also makes videos with him.

Cuty Dipa Social media

YouTubecuty Dipa official

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