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Some of the millions of people present in October have come as an example to all of us through their hard work. Seeing which we think to be like them, to work hard or achieve success, that is, in real life, they can become the source of our inspiration.

Friends, we are going to talk today ( Dynamo Gaming Biography ) If you are fond of Pubg, then the name of Dynamo Gaming must have been heard.

Aditya Sawant who is the founder of Dynamo Gaming. So today we will talk about how Adi changed his life through Pubg. Today, his channel is one of the top gaming channels. So let’s know about Dynamo Gaming.

Biography of Adi Sawant

Dynamo Gaming was born on 18 April 1996 in a Marathi family in Mumbai and Dynamo is aged 24. Dynamo’s real name is Aditya Deepak Sawant, and his nick name is Adi.

Aditya Sawant AKA Dynamo Gaming

Adi is currently living in Andheri West Mumbai. Dynamo channel is the most popular gaming channel in India as they have most subscribers. They stream PUbG mobiles every day for a few hours. People like them very much. Adi loves playing video games very much. Adi used to play games since childhood.

In Adi’s childhood, her mother used to give her 5 rupees to go to school and there used to be a small shop on the way. After school leave, those 5 rupees etc. used to play games.

He did this for 3 years. Adi was very hosier in his childhood. He earned a B Com degree to pass Dynamo 12th. Dynamo’s father-in-law is a government teacher.

Adi Sawant’s career Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo had created its own channel on YouTube on 21 July 2010, and a few days later, they started uploading their video to YouTube. Dynamo used to stream live on Pubg PC on their channel after the pub games but very little watching happened at that time. Used to do it.

But after the introduction of pubg mobile, they started streaming pubg mobile and due to streaming, their subscribers became very much and gradually they started climbing the ladder of success. 

Some time ago his channel had more than 100,000 live watching which was an Indian streamer records on YouTube at that time. Today he is India’s most successful October streamer. Today, they have more than 9.37m subscribers on YouTube. They are going to have 7 million subscribers soon.

Dynamo Gaming’s Favorite

  • Headshot from platen
  • Son does not take away father from father

Dynamo Gaming Favorite Things

  • Favorite Singer : – Emiway Bantai & Divine
  • Favorite Food : – Pizza
  • Favorite Actress : – Priyanka Chopra
  • Favorite color : – Blue
  • Favorite Game : – PUBG MOBILE

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