Emiway Bantai Biography, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Family, & More

Today we are going to tell you about the biography and lifestory of a person who has created a panic in the music industry of India on the strength of his voice. Yes, we are going to talk about India’s most talked about rapper Emiway Bantai.

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Emiway Bantai Biography

Who are ruling in the hearts of the people through their voice. If people want motivation or to relieve stress or to entertain then people like listening to rap songs of Emiway Bantai.

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If you want to do something big in your life, and you are chahte to do it or you want some big banna. So you must read their lifestory. Let us be told about them quickly, we will also tell you their biography today.

Instant biography of Emiway Bantai

  • Real Name – Shahrukh Sheikh
  • Nick – Emiway Bantai
  • DOB – 13-November-1995
  • Birth place– Mumbai, Maharastra
  • Father’s name – Not mention
  • School– Lakshdham High School
  • First song– aur bantai
  • Religion– Muslim
  • From a singer named Controversy from– Speed. 
  • Extra activity– India’s Got Talent. 
  • Hobby & proffession– singing
  • Famous – for rapping. 

Emiway Bantai Lifestory

Emiway Bantai’s lifestory begins, when he was born in Mumbai maharastra from November 13, 1995, let us tell you that he studied his school from Lakshadham high school Mumbai. His family lives with his parents and Emiway Bantai.

Emiway Bantai’s real name is shahrukh sheikh. It is from a muslim house. Also, it is not even from a very rich house. The ghost of becoming a rapper rode him since 2010. Eminem is a very big rap singer when he heard eminem’s rap song.

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Emiway Bantai explains that Eminem is his inspiration. His father has also helped Emiway Bantai to become a rap singer. Emiway Bantai made his foray into the rap industry after passing 10th. He has said this in an interview.

Emiway Bantai also used to work in a cafe to run the household expenses. Emiway Bantai was given 300 rupees per day. He has also faced many troubles to become a Rapper. Now tell you about his rapping career. 

Emiway Bantai rapping career

Let me tell you that the journey to become his singer was not so easy, after all, if you do not have to work hard to get something, then that thing is useless. Then the thing starts. When Emiway Bantai heard the song of an English rapper named Eminem, and from the same day it felt that it could become a referee.

He memorized Eminem’s song which was completely in English, and then after reciting it when he narrated it to his friends, his friend or listener told Emiway Bantai that you are very talented and this work well Can do

From there, Emiway Bantai got a lot of motivation and he started working on his own, Emiway Bantai used to wake up all night and write a rap song. Seeing this, his parents used to say that yah don’t do all the work and used to scold him. One day Emiway Bantai became so mad after his passion, that he failed in the 12th exam. 

Seeing all this, his father scolded him a lot. But Emiway Bantai explained his father well and also told about his passion. After hearing this, his father agreed to him and then Emiway Bantai narrated one of his songs to his father too.

Due to this rap song being completely in English, his father did not understand this song, but his father suggested that you make your rap song in Hindi also. Then Emiway Bantai uploaded her first Hindi rap song to YouTube on 2014. This song was doing well on youtube, but Emiway Bantai was not getting much success.

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After struggling for a few years, since 2017, Emiway Bantai became enthralled in the hearts of people, recently there was also the controversy of Emiway Bantai with a singer named Raftaar. Both of them responded to this fight through their rap song. And people liked this rap song a lot.

As soon as you started trending on YouTube, today 10 million subscribers have been completed on their youtube channel. Let me tell you that the famous singer named Honey singh calls him his favorite singer. He has also spread his passion in India’s Got Talent. It has got good success from there as well. This was the secret of his success. 

Final Word

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