Gaurav Taneja Biography, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Family, & More

Today we are going to talk about him on the famous YouTube. His name is Gaurav Taneja and he has opened many in his name. It shows blogging as well as Jennifer body building. Let us tell you that these are the three YouTube channels which are very fast group.

It is very fantastic and how well they have made their audio so friendly that almost every million of them fall on their videos, which is very much, let me tell you that there are pilots with YouTube and they were also removed from the job. Together let us tell you that because of the many ups and downs you can reach here today after a lot of hard work.

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Today, we will give you complete information about them in this post, how could you progress so much in your life and this is so good on YouTube as well as a very good husband and son due to which today we know a lot and Try hard to go home too.

People are desperate to meet because they have created a huge audience who like them very much and today we are going to tell you everything about them through this post, along with whatever achievement they have received.

Gaurav Taneja Biography

Gaurav Taneja was born on 9 July 1986 in Kanpur, which is a city in Uttar Pradesh, according to which he has been 35 years of age or is a pilot apart from YouTube and he has a lot of subscribers on his YouTube channel. Is because they have three youtube channels which are quite famous and they have youtube channel.

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She currently has around 5.08M subscribers on Flying Beast, the other two YouTube channels are 1.87M subscribers on FitMuscle TV and 1.29M subscribers on Rasbhari Ke Papa Gaming Channel, along with let you know that it has a very good body too.

Because Ritu Taneja also does bodybuilding and her wife is named Ritu Taneja, in addition to this she has done love marriage with her wife and in her family too, apart from her papa mummy, she has a lovely daughter named Rasi Taneja now.

If we talk about the height, then their height is 5 feet 7 inches, which suits them according to their body because their boarding is very cool.

  • Full Name – Gaurav Taneja
  • Nick Name – Gaurav
  • Wife – Ritu Taneja
  • Religion – Hindu
  • Daughter – Rashbhari Taneja (Kaira)
  • Mom – Bharti Taneja
  • Father – Yogendra Kumar Taneja
  • Home Town – Delhi, India
  • Date of Birth – 9 July 1986
  • Nationalism – Indian
  • Height – 5′ 7 inch
  • Birth Place – Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Gaurav Taneja Education Details & More

Now if we talk about the qualification of Gaurav Taneja, he started his studies in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, which is in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, along with you let me know that after hard work himself in 2008.


Admitted to Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, West Bengal, where he got admission after a lot of hard work and completed his graduation in Electrical Engineering from there, he started bodybuilding during his college and others Started giving tips through youtube and started helping Dusaro’s career.

  • Schooling – Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Ghazipur
  • College / University – Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, West Bengal
  • Education Qualification – B.Tech in Civil Engineering
  • Profession – Youtuber, Vlogger, and Nutritionist

Gaurav Taneja Physical Measurement & More

Gaurav Taneja, after a lot of hard work, kicked his body like a body building, he started his bodybuilding during his college, due to which he has done a lot of muscular which is much more and his body is very good and Has become fantastic, after seeing those who do not think that the height is so small.

  • Weight – 92Kg
  • Height – 5′ 7″ Feet
  • Hair Colour – Black
  • Eye Colour – Black
  • Hobbies – Vlogging, Video Making
  • Chest – 41
  • Biceps – 17

Gaurav Taneja Last Word

Now if we talk about their network, they have about $ 2 million, which has been told by a figure, along with this, they soon bought a BMW car and in addition to their YouTube it becomes $ 3000, which is much more Along with this, there are too many followers and too much on their social media.


Now, he has got a very dangerous injury during gym in Hali which hurts a lot but share all this on YouTube through his story and keep telling a lot about himself on YouTube along with people in his It is very much like watching videos, because of which a lot of people are ahead on YouTube and many people like them.

Let me tell you that I am also a big fan of Gaurav Taneja Flying Beast and watch all the videos on YouTube in the same videos which he made for blogging along with showing videos of his body building, which is also much better and better which This is one of the better ones because of this, it is very much liked by the people and their videos are getting more than a million views every time.

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