Geeta Rabari Biography, Age, Career, Family, Affairs & More

Geeta Rabari Biography, Age, Career, Family, Affairs & More

Geeta Rabari, a famous singer known as Koel of Kutch, is famous all over India today because of her melodious voice. Geeta Rabari is a famous singer from Gujarat, many of her songs have become famous not only in Gujarat, but all over India, one of her famous songs is Rana. Sher Mare became famous all over India which was liked by crores of people.

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Geeta Rabari , after many struggles in her life, achieved a stage where every artist dreams of reaching but Geeta RabariHas also faced many challenges in achieving this position and achieved this position.

Today Geeta Rabari’s name is very famous in the field of singing, it is in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh in Ratri Jagran Live Program and Bhajan Sandhya for her songs. And work of singing bhajans, millions of people like his melodious voice, wherever there is a program where Geeta Rabari is about to come, there is a crowd of millions of people.

Geeta Rabari Biography

NameGeeta Rabari
Birth31 December 1996
birth placeIn Tappar village of Kutch region of Gujarat
Surnameraw cuckoo
Ages24 years
Moneymusic artist
Hobbysinging song
SchoolJNV School Jamnagar
collagedidn’t go
FatherKanji Bhai Rabari
MotherVinju Ben Rabari
marital statusmarried
husband’s namePrithvi Rabari
program feesMinimum 50 thousand
current residenceGujarat

Geeta Rabari Education

Geeta Rabari is a famous singer from Gujarat Geeta Rabari was born on 31 December 1996 in Tappar village in Kutch region of Gujarat.  Geeta Rabari was born in the Maldhari caste of Rabari society. Geeta Rabari’s father’s name is Kanji Bhai Rabari and her mother’s name is Vinjuben   Rabari, Geeta Rabari ‘s husband’s name is Prithvi Rabari.

Geeta ben Rabari currently lives in Kutch Gujarat with her parents Geeta ben Rabari  had two brothers who died prematurely in childhood. 

Geetaben Rabari ‘s studies were completed from JNV School in Jamnagar, she completed her studies only till the tenth class, Geeta Rabari did not study further , she was very much interested in music, so she thought it appropriate to go into the field of music. Because friends loved his voice very much by the people around him, due to which he listened to the field of music and left his studies. 

Geeta Rabari Career

Geeta Rabari was born on 31 December 1996 in Kutch, Gujarat. He had two brothers who died prematurely, after that his father saw the poster of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao , then he sent Geetaben Rabari to teach in JNV School. Where he completed his studies till class 10th.  

Geeta Rabari started singing songs at the age of 10. At the same time, she also started participating in cultural programs in her school, where she used to sing this song, etc. Her song was liked by everyone in the school.

Geeta Rabari melodious melodious voice started gaining a lot of popularity in the surrounding area, gradually thepeople liked the voice of Geetaben Rabari very much and started calling him in Bhajan Jagran and cultural programs held here. Due to which Geetaben Rabari used to get a little income, due to which the expenses of his house were met . 

After this Geeta Rabari left her school and started concentrating fully in the field of music. Gradually, his voice and his songs became so popular that his name started ringing in the whole of Gujarat. People Geeta Rabari the  raw coal started to call the name because Geetaben Rabaris was born in Kutch in Gujarat because their names raw coal has fallen. 

Geeta Rabari ‘s identity was made due to her singing in this way and it became quite popular, after the advent of the Internet, her identity started growing even faster and her video songs were liked by millions of people on YouTube.  

Geeta Rabari sings so many melodious and sweet songs in the field of singer but you will be surprised to know that Geeta Rabari never received music education, she achieved such a great position without learning music and achieved a huge success.

In childhood, when she used to sing bhajans and songs in her village, people used to praise her a lot, due to which Geeta Rabari got a motivation, from which it went ahead and today, in the field of music, the name of the whole of Gujarat has been illuminated. Simultaneously it became famous all over India. 

When Geeta Rabari was 20 years old, she sang a song Rana Sher Mare, this song became very popular and after that she got fame all over India, because this song was liked by crores of people on YouTube and after that she made a song. More than one music was presented in front of the people and all these songs became very popular. Because of this, he was recognized all over India.  

Geeta Rabari has also met the current Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi , Prime Minister Modi himself had invited Geeta Rabari and Geeta Rabari says that it was a very priceless moment in her life that the Prime Minister called her. Although Geeta Rabari says that she has met the Prime Minister once in her childhood and the Prime Minister also gave her 250 rupees as a reward.  

Geeta Rabari got married sometime back on 9th May and her husband’s name is Prithvi Rabari , who belongs to Rabari community, he got married in his own society according to his customs. Geeta Rabaari has also taken her new house which is quite expensive apart from these Geeta Rabaari also likes to wear gold jewellery. 

Geeta Rabari people in the night awakening millions who donate millions of rupees Gita Rabari is giving to the cows, orphanage or poor children and charity for the poor.

Some famous songs of Geeta Rabari

  1. Crying in the lion
  2. diva ni divate
  3. Bless you star
  4. drum drums
  5. Raghunandan Ji Dwarike Nathji
  6. Everywhere Shiva
  7. My Bhola Hai Bhandari
  8. Sheth Maro Sham Do

Geeta Rabari Social Media

Social Media NameUser IDFollowers
Instagramgeetabenrabariofficial21 lakh Followers
FaceBookGeeta Ben Rabari.17 lakh followers
YouTubeGeetaBen Rabari10.8 lakh Subscribe
Twitter@GeetabenRabari6500 followers

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