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If you want to know about the news of the country and the world in full detail and want to know every secret hidden inside it, then you must have seen the video of Khan Sir Patna on YouTube . Today, he is not interested in any introduction of who is Khan sir ?

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Khan Sir is the founder of a very large coaching institute Khan GS Research Center in Patna city of Bihar and also a very good teacher. Which is due to his particular style of teaching, in a short time, he is being recognized as a different level of teacher in the whole country. His popularity can be gauged from the fact that his YouTube channel, which started in 2019, has honored him by placing 8th in the list of India’s best YouTube video creater.

Which no other education channel has received this honor till now. The most important thing that Khan sir teaches is that he explains everything so easily in the native style that people understand everything he has studied and become acquainted with it in the first place. Due to his special style of teaching, people call him Sir Abdul Kalam .

Today we will give complete information about Khan sir, till today you will not know about him. Also , in the biography of Khan sir , we will know how Khan sir became famous as the country’s most famous teacher from an ordinary man ? So let ‘s know in full detail about the introduction of friends Khan sir.

Biography of Khan Sir Patna and his family

Khan Sir was born into a middle class family in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Khan Sir’s father was employed in the Indian Army, which is now retired. His mother is a homemaker. He also has a brother who is a commando.

Khan Sir Patna Full Name | Khan sir’s real name Khan Sir’s full name is Mohammad Arshad Khan. But on being asked by him, he only says that people should know him only in the name of Khan sir. Today, this Khan is known as Sir Patna Wale in the whole country . Khan sir is around 28 years old.

Khan Sir Success Story

Khan sir always has a desire to serve the country since childhood . So he had a dream that he also wanted to join the Indian Army and serve the country. For this, he also took the NDA examinations conducted by UPSC. In which they passed the written examination, but they were disqualified for not having their hands straight. Because of which his dream remained incomplete forever.

Due to lack of selection in NDA, he was very sad, but Khan sir’s family encouraged him that if your selection is not done then what can happen if you do not serve the country without staying in the army. The service of the people of this country also served the country. Serve the people and help the needy people.

Since then, the service of the public has been the goal of Khan sir . He has also opened an orphanage to serve the country in which poor and orphan children live. They are not allowed to face any kind of problem so that the children never miss their parents. He has also opened a cowshed for stray cows.

Khan sir’s wedding

If we talk about Khan sir’s marriage , he is not married yet, but the engagement has already taken place two years ago. They were also going to get married in May 2020, but due to Kovid 19, their marriage was halted. Talking about Khan sir’s wife, his fiancée is a doctor at Banaras Hindu University.

Education of khan sir

Let us now know about the education of Khan sir . If we talk about his education, then Khan Sir’s primary education was completed from Gorakhpur. Khan was very interested in Sir’s studies since childhood. When he was in 9th class, he started preparing for the entrance examination of Aligarh Muslim University.

Prepared for polytechnics when he went to 10th standard and started preparing for ALEEE when he was in 12th standard. But it is a matter of coincidence that on the day when he had his exam, he remained asleep, because he was awake all night and was preparing for the exam.

But you must have heard a saying that whatever happens is for good. If Khan sir had risen at the right time for the examination that day, today we would not know anything about him and our store of knowledge would not be our luck. The biggest reason for Khan sir being so knowledgeable in so many subjects is that he used to keep increasing his range of knowledge by preparing for every exam. He did his graduation from Physics and Chemistry Owners from Allahabad University.

Khan has also gone to jail three times during his graduation. While he was a member of the Students Union when he was in college, he had to go to jail thrice while fighting for the benefit of the students.

After completing his undergraduate studies, he did P.Hd. Along with this, he is also a map expert. When Khan Sir was younger, he used to visit his maternal grandfather in Bihar often. Due to which, his attachment with Bihar continued to grow more. He knew very well about the great men of Bihar from the people around him.

When he grew up, he realized how our society is getting worse due to political evils. Poor children are not able to get education in the same manner and are doing bonded labor. Seeing all this, he pledged to give affordable and quality education to children in Bihar. So that people can read easily and poor children can also progress in this society.

Khan GS Research Center Patna Owner Name & History

They believe that education is the milk of the lioness who drank it. To fulfill this goal, he established Khan GS Research Center in Bihar . In which they  prepare for every type of competetive exam at very cheap fees .

Along with this, he has also established the biggest library of Patna. Initially his coaching was limited to very few children. But soon the number of children continued to grow rapidly due to their special style of teaching. Then he had to shift his coaching to a cold storage. Soon this large cold storage also did not have space to sit due to the increase in the number of children. Their coaching increased so much that some children had to stand and study.

Seeing the hard work of children, Khan sir started online life classes. In which he used to teach while staying in Patna, but due to being online, children from all over the country are able to read easily. Khan Sir has reduced his tuition fees very much for poor children. So that more and more children can study in their coaching. Khan sir’s motive remains here that due to the money, no child can return to his coaching head.

In a short span of time, Khan was joined by Sir’s tuition. He celebrates every righteous festival with great pomp in his coaching. While celebrating the festival, they do not discriminate against any caste. Khan sir says that before independence we were just Hindustani but due to partition we divided into Hindu and Muslim. You must have heard a saying that the faster you succeed, the faster your enemies grow.

In the way of realizing his dreams of serving the country, the enemies of Khan sir also went on growing at a very fast pace. They are often threatened to close their coaching institutes. But Sir Sir continued to run his coaching institute without being afraid of them and kept touching the lofty heights from one to the other.

Once upon a time, on May 11, 2019, at around 9.45 am, Khan sir’s institute was bombed and the teachers and children present there were beaten with sticks and batons. Despite this, Khan is not one of those who fear. Rather, strengthening his intentions, he vowed that even if you kill us, we will not allow the institution to be closed.

While teaching children, Khan always keeps children motive and appeals for social service. He believes that our life should be dedicated to others, this should be the goal of our life. Khan sir tells his children studying here that Bihar has a glorious history all over India.

Chandragupta Maurya and Chanakya started unbroken India from here and a great mathematician like Aryabhata was also born here. But for the last few years, due to political malpractices, this state has been losing its respect. Therefore, we have to make our Bihar old Magadh again. Khan Sir’s institute was running smoothly till 20 March 2020. But due to lockdown from 21 March, the children stopped coming to the institute. Due to which he started his online class on his YouTube channel Khan GS Research Center .

Initially people were ignoring them. But whoever once saw his style of teaching just became a fan and gradually his popularity spread throughout the country except Bihar. Today, children from every corner of the country want to study at Khan sir’s place.

The reason that Khan sir’s YouTube channel is popular is that he definitely gives a solution to the problems at the end of each of his videos. Many of his videos have also been shared by big celebrities of Bollywood on his Twitter.

Khan GS Research Center Youtube Income

For your information, let us know that Khan sir spends most of his money in social services. Still, according to his YouTube video views, Khan Sir’s monthly income is up by about 10 lakh heads.

Apart from this, they also have an App in which registration is allowed only for 2 lakh children. A fee of 99 rupees has been kept for a child, according to which about 2 crore rupees have been incurred. Also, their biggest source of earning is their coaching institute located in Patna. In which thousands of children study.

Khan Sir Book

Friends, if you  want to read Khan sir’s book and want to get the precious knowledge hidden in it, then you can click and order the book online at a very low price.

  • Railway: General Science + GK 11000 Questions by Khan Sir
  • Kiran NCERT History Class V1 to X11 6000 Questions by Khan Sir
  • Kiran Science Numerical Physics and Chemistry Questions 3 Book Set
  • Basic Of Civil Objective Book
  • General Science + 11000 Gk Questions

Khan GS Research Center Contact Number & Address

By the way, every child in Patna can tell about Khan sir. But if you want to go there, then the address of Khan GS Research Center is Kisan Cold Storage Patna 800006 . Also, if you want to know more information about their coaching institute, you can call Khan GS Research Center’s contact number and ask.

  • 8877918018
  • 8757354880

Khan Sir Official App Download link

If you are not able to study in their coaching institute by Khan sir and you want to earn the knowledge shared by them, then you can also study by joining their online class. For this you can download the official app of Khan sir right now.

The statement of Khan Sir Patna Khan Sir Patna Best Quotes

  • There is never any mowing on the rolling stones, but the stagnant water often gets spoiled. Therefore, keep increasing the range of your knowledge even more.
  • Education is the milk of the lioness whoever drank it has roared.
  • The only medicine for every problem in the world is a true friend.
  • Responsibility is something that snatches away the nights.
  • Do not waste time. The sad thing is that time is very short and the matter of happiness is that time is still there.

Hopefully you will get to learn a lot from Khan sir’s biography . Also you must tell us by commenting how did you like the biography of Khan Sir Patna ? If you want biography of another patriot, do not forget to write in the comment box.

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