Khushi Narula Biography, Age, Height, Family, Boyfriend & More

Khushi Narula is a well-known Tik Tok star of today’s era. Khushi Narula is just 11 years old now and Khushi Narula has gained a lot of popularity at a young age . 

Khushi Narula is known for her cute smile and excellent dance style. Khushi Narula was born on 13 January 2009 in Jalgaon, Punjab. Khushi belongs to a Punjabi family.

Khushi Narula ‘s family consists of mother, father and a younger sister. Very close to his father. Father’s name is Raj Narula and Khushi Narula ‘s mother’s name is Pooja Narula. Her younger sister ‘s name is Harleen. 

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When it comes to education, Khushi is currently studying in class 7. Khushi Narula has achieved such a huge position at the age of just 11 years, in this article Khushi Narula’s age, pictures family and brief biography will be told.

Khushi Narula Biography

Real Name-Khushi Narula
Profession (Lifestyle)-Acting and Tik Tok Videos
Caste / Religion –Hindu
Date Of Birth-13 January 2009
Age12 years (as of 2021)
birth place-Jalgaon Punjab India
zodiac sign-Capricorn
the nationality-Indian
Present home address-Jalgaon, Punjab, India
Mother’s name-Pooja Narula
father’s name-Raj Narula
brother’s nameis not
Sister’s name-Harleen (Younger Sister)
Number of family members-4
boyfriend/affairis not
Married Status-Single
cousin brother-Sam Narula
Cousin Sister-Simran

Khushi Narula Age & Earlier Life

Khushi Narula is just 11 years old now and she joined Tiktok on 4th April 2020 and captivated everyone’s heart with her dance style and cute performance and became quite popular very soon. Khushi Narula does a very cute dance on Bhangra .


The biggest contribution in making Khushi Narula famous on Tiktok is her cousin brother Sam Narula . Khushi Narula has appeared in many of her videos with Sam Narula. Khushi Narula also has a cousin sister named Simran. Simran has also made many videos with happiness.

Khushi Narula Social Media

Khushi Narula’s pictures are heavy on Insta Khushi Narula makes dance, lipsing and comedy videos on Tik Tok. Videos of Khushi Narula become viral as soon as they come on Tiktok. 

Khushi has 419.7K followers and more than 12 million likes on her Tiktok account. Khushi Narula is very beautiful and stylish which is clearly visible from the pictures of Khushi Narula .

Khushi Narula Facts

Like Tik Tok star Hussaina, Khushi Narula is also a viral girl from a young age.

Khushi Narula ‘s Bhangra dance video became so viral that today Khushi Narula ‘s Tik Tok account has almost 4,20,000 followers and more than 12 million likes (2020).

Khushi Narula makes tik tok videos with her uncle’s son Sam Narula and daughter Simran .

They like Punjabi lifestyle like eating maize ki roti and saag and dance on bhangra.

Tiger Shroff is Khushi Narula ‘s favorite Bollywood actor and Shraddha Kapoor is his favorite actress.

His favorite singer is Babuman.

Khushi Narula ‘s favorite colors are white and black.

Khushi Narula Favourite Things

actor-Salman Khan Tiger Shroff and Varun Dhawan
Actress-Jannat Zubair Rahmani Rahmani and Shraddha Kapoor
food-Punjabi Paratha Maize Ki Roti, Fast Food & Chocolate
youtubers-no knowledge
Tiktokers –Riyaz Ali and Beauty Khan Delhi and Punjab
place-Delhi and Punjab
movies –Munna Michael and Baaghi
hobbies-dancing and making tik tok videos

Khushi Narula Height & Figure

eye color-Black
hair color-Black
Height-4 foot 5 inches
weight-40 kg
Shoe SizeNA
figure sizeNA  

Khushi Narula Instagram & Social Media

Instagram is full of pictures of Khushi Narula Khushi Narula makes dance, lipsing and comedy videos on Tik Tok. Their videos become viral as soon as they come on Tiktok. 


Khushi Narula has 419.7K followers and more than 12 million likes on her Tiktok account. Khushi Narula is very beautiful and stylish happiness Nirula ‘s Pictures shows clean.

Instagram Id-khushinarulaa09
Tik-TOK Id-khushinarula07
Twitter Id-NA
Facebook Id-Khushi Narula
Mobile Number-NA

Khushi Narula ‘s stardom is worth seeing at the age of 11 . We shared with you all the information we got about Khushi Narula. Here you will get to know Khushi Narula ‘s Age, Family, Pictures and Brief Biography, Hope you liked the article.

What is the age of Khushi Narula?

She was born on 13 January 2009 in Jalgaon, Punjab State.

What is the name of Khushi Narula’s sister?

Khushi Narula’s family consists of her parents and a younger sister. Please tell that Khushi Narula’s father’s name is Raj Narula, mother’s name is Pooja Narula and she also has a younger sister; Who is known as Harleen Narula.

Who is Sam Narula?

Sam Narula is a famous Tik Tok star. Actually Sam Narula got popularity due to making Tik Tok with his uncle’s daughter Khushi Narula. Simran Narula is also his uncle’s daughter.

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