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In today’s post, we are going to tell you about the life introduction of Lechu Marwadi, in this post we will tell you about the introduction of Lichu Marwadi Biography, Jivani, Family, Education, Career , YouTube Income.

Lichu Marwadi is known by many people today as a comedian in Rajasthan. Whenever the name of Rajasthani comedy comes , the name of Lichu Marwadi also comes at the top, people entertain themselves by watching their videos as well as the society in their videos.

There are also messages to remove the evils that are spread in the country. It also tells a lot about the real life to the people through their videos.  

Lichu Marwadi has fought many struggles in his life before reaching this point, his dream was to become a soldier to serve the country, but he could not become a soldier due to which people gave him a lot of taunts, and his family members Left him. 

Lichu Marwadi Biography

At that time he was very upset and irritable but still he did not give up and moving forward he tried his career on YouTube. 

NameLakshmi Narayan
birth placeBhavda Nagaur
SurnameLichu marwadi
Ages27 years
MoneyYouTuber, comedian
HobbyDoing comedy, serving the country
SchoolFrom your village Soyla
collage2016 Hindi Literature from BR Mirdha Collage Nagaur Rajasthan
husbandNot Know
motherNot Know
Marital statusNot Know
First hit songChaudhary
The awardSilver Play Button from YouTube
Earnings month1 Lakh to 1.5 Lakh Months (Estimated)
Current residenceSoyla Nagaur, Rajasthan

Once he was watching the video of Bhuvan bomb , then he also got IDA, he can also do a good job in society by entertaining people and putting videos on YouTube and he can entertain people as well. Through the video, I can remove the evils spread in the society. 

It is said that the successful person flies over the food in the same way, the real life of Lichu Marwadi was also different. He struggled in his life, due to coming from middle-class family, many of Lichu Marwadi to move forward in his life.

Had to struggle He could not even afford the cost of his studies, yet he continued his studies till college and after that his dream was to make a soldier in the service of the country but he could not make it.  

When he came back home, people started taunting him and started making fun of him, but he did not give up, he started working in many private companies, besides he also worked for breaking stones in mines, People said that they have read a lot, but this work is not in your hands, they left that job and opened a studio by borrowing money from friends, after which they started making their videos on YouTube, which are much more popular and their Life changed completely.  

Lichu Marwadi Social media

Social Media NameUser IDFollowers
Instagramlichu_marwadi121 K Followers
FaceBookLichu Marwadi2.26 lakh Followers
YouTubeLichu Marwadi4.2 Lakh Subscribe
YouTubeLichu Live1.42 Lakh Subscribe
TwitterNot KnowNot Know

Lichu Marwadi Birth, Place, Family, Education

The real name of Lichu Marwadi is Laxminarayan. He was born in 1994 in Sayla village of Nagaur district . His family has been doing farming work for many generations, his family consists of his father mother and three siblings, in which he is the eldest, hence the whole family.

The burden is on his shoulders, his family originally resides in the village of Sayla in Nagaur, Lechu Marwadi also completed his primary education from this village Sayla . He then completed his further studies with Hindi literature from BR Mirdha College Nagaur in Nagaur district .  

He completed his primary studies in some way, but further he took admission in college from B.R. Could not even lift. He faced a lot of difficulties due to coming from middle class family, yet he completed his studies with Hindi literature subject. 

Lichu completed his post-graduation as a self-studying student in Marwadi, as he could not afford the huge expenses of the city. 

Lichu Marwadi had a dream that he should become a soldier or police to serve the country, but for many reasons he could not do so, the pain of these reasons is still reflected in his videos.

When Lichu Marwadi came home after completing his studies, people started laughing at many taunts and these. But he did not give up and was always determined to do something new, he also worked for breaking stones in mines and worked in private companies in many places, yet he could not get success from there. 

Lichu Marwadi Career Journey

Lichu Marwadi ‘s life has been a struggle.  Lichu Marwadi   completed his primary education from his own village, Sayla , after which he completed his further studies in Hindi literature from BR Mirdha College Nagaur , here as a self-taught student. As he was unable to bear the huge expenses of the city, he completed his education as a self-studying student.

At this time he had a dream that he should become a soldier and serve the country, but he got repeated failures due to which his family also started taunting him and the people around him also started tightening them , Due to which they were very disappointed, due to which they became irritable and they never started talking to people. 

Now Lichu Marwadi decided that he would do something different and show people that he too can do something, due to this he started working in private companies, also worked in furniture and broke the stones in the mines. But he did not get so much success in this work, because of this he left this work. 

After all these failures, he borrowed some money from his friends and opened a studio in Sayla village. Here he got some success, but could not achieve what he wanted to achieve. After this he earned some money and bought a smartphone, used to watch videos on YouTube in this smartphone. 

In which once he  saw the video of the building bomb and he felt that he too can make videos of this way, then he started making some funny videos from his same smartphone and started uploading on YouTube. 

In this way, he slowly learned how to make videos from YouTube and upload it to YouTube. They also learned the method of video editing and started editing their videos on YouTube itself, due to which they would have taken even more time. People started watching his videos as well. 

All his videos had some messages to entertain as well as to remove the malpractices in the society, which people liked very much, in this way they put videos but still not much success. 

The most turning point in his life comes when he put a video which became very popular, in this video, he played the role of Chaudhary and this video became very popular even today, people are much more famous on YouTube. Likes to listen to the bar. 

After this, he put a video named Bap Beta , also became very famous, people liked it very much. After this, a video was also made of Sapne Bapu’s name, it also became popular and after this he was liked by people all over Rajasthan. People became fans of him and all his videos started to use in lakhs as well. 

In Leechu Marwadi , such a video was made which gives a new direction and learning to the society. In order to remove the superstitions and evils spread in the society, he tried to give a message to the people in all his videos, that we should try to remove the evil practice in our society. 

People liked his video very much and the whole family can also watch his video together.  After this, Lichu started another channel in Marwadi , which became more popular under the name Leechu Live , but the video he put on this channel was Reaction Video, in which he published and reacted to some such lousy videos of Rajasthan.

The culture and civilization of Rajasthan has been shown to be completely wrong, they started putting it on their channel and opposing them, although they used to make all the videos for entertainment. 

In this manner, Lechu Marwadi achieved immense success in her life and earned her name in the field of comedy.

Lichu Marwadi Achievement

Lichhu Marwadi achieved success despite taunting and taunting the people in his life and made many achievements in his life. People had even made them a joke character, but they had decided that they would show people something big and they showed it by growing up in their lives. 

Today, his videos are watched by millions of people and every video gets to learn something new, he gained millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel and millions of followers on Instagram. 

Today, millions of people are crazy about it, when they go to an event, there is a crowd of people and people are crazy about taking selfies with them.  Leechu Marwadi, despite being a middle class family, provides inspiration to people to follow the right path to fulfill their dreams and work to remove the evils of the society. 

Leechu Marwadi has also received the Silver Play Button Award from YouTube and is soon going to get the Gold Play Button Award.

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