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Hello friends, today I am going to tell Mortal Biography about Mortal Gamer Mortal is a popular Indian gamer, online streamer and also a October.

Where gaming videos are streamed online. It is one of the largest YouTube gaming. If you do not know about Mortal, then let me tell you about Mortal.

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Biography of Mortal {Naman Mathur}

Mortal’s real name is Naman Mathur. Naman Mathur was born on 22 May 1996 in Mumbai Maharashtra. He will be around 24 years of age. Naman Mathur was very much involved in playing games since childhood.

Naman Mathur started his gaming journey due to playing the most famous games like GTA San Andreas and Mario. Naman used to spend more time studying and playing games.

His family were not happy with him playing more and more games. Naman used to play games throughout the day instead of studying.

Career of Mortal {Naman Mathur}

Naman Mathur loved playing the game. Naman Mathur played mostly counter strike games. Then another game was launched called “Mini Militia” it was a mobile game. Milli Militia was a multiplayer game.

The one whom Naman used to play a lot, Naman made many new friends because of this game. With whom he used to play these games. Naman started playing mini-milicia games more than the time he spent playing counter-strike. At the same time Naman started a YouTube channel called Mortal.

Naman would occasionally upload videos on his YouTube channel. Mostly Naman used to upload short clips of his games. His videos did not get much view.

The pubg mobile game launched in 2018. Naman downloaded this game and played this game, Naman became a fan of this game.

Naman played and practiced this game for many months. Then he thought why not make a video of this game and upload it to YouTube. While it had been many years since he had uploaded videos on YouTube. After which he uploaded the first video of his pubg game.

He put some such videos on YouTube, in which he used to tell the tricks and tips of the pubg. Naman’s game play was such that watching him play would become a fan, his video was very unique. One of his videos went viral.

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Naman’s views and his subscribers started growing, seeing that Naman was very happy. After watching so much growth, Naman uploaded some videos and also streamed live together. He had a lot of views on every video. Seeing his success, his family also started playing him.

Naman also competed in the Game League with YouTube and held the No. 1 position in almost every game. Naman Mathur has more than 4 million subscribers on YouTube channel. They are going to have 5 million subscribers soon.

mortal favorite

  • Favorite Actor: – Akshay Kumar
  • Favorite Actress: – Priyanka Chopra
  • Favorite Food: – Pizza, Pani Puri
  • Favorite Game: – Pubg mobile
  • Favorite color: – Blue

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