Mr Faisu Biography, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Family, & More

Friends, today we will talk about actor, comedian, inflencer Tik Tok star Mr Faisu, as you guys know that I keep posting biography posts on my website.

Mr Faisu Biography

So today we will look at Mr Faisu’s Lifestory and Biography if you also want to become a Tik Tok star like Mr Faisu, then this blog post will help and motivate you very much. Let’s start as quickly as possible.

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Instant biography of Mr Faisu

  • Real name – Sheikh muhammad is Modasar.
  • Nick – Mr Faisu
  • DOB– 5 oct 1995
  • Birth place– Mumbai, Maharastra
  • Current Address– ।
  • School– Bandra, Mumbai.
  • Graduation – Bandra, Mumbai.
  • Famous for– Tik Tok videos
  • Father’s name – is not mentioned.
  • Mother’s name – not mentioned.
  • Group name– Team07
  • Marital status– unmarried

Mr Faisu Lifestory

The story of Tik Tok’s life and pride Mr Faisu starts from 5 October 1995 when he was born in Mumbai Maharashtra. Let me tell you that it is not from a very rich house. His father owns a clothes shop. Used to do this work in this as well. Mr Faisu’s study up to school and graduation has been completed from Mumbai itself.

Social media star Mr Faisu and Ruhi Singh shoot for 1200x1500 1

It is said that Adnan (who is the head of his friendship group) used to motivate Mr Faisu and all his friends to put videos on Tik Talk. Let me tell you that there are 5 people in their group. While these people have named the group Team 07. Actually the thing is that Adnan, the head of this group, had named the group. And August 7 is Adnan’s birthday.

Hence the group is named team07. But Mr Faisu is more famous than the head of the group, Adnan. He is also very fond of doing GYM. Mr Faisu is also accompanied by his mother, father and a brother. Initially Mr Faisu was not supported by the housemates. But now his family has full support.

Mr Faisu Tik Tok Journey

Let me tell you that Mr Faisu’s Tik Tok Journey was not so easy. He also had to face a lot of controversy. I will tell you all its information from the beginning. From the year 2016 – 17, he started putting videos on an app named musically.


Whose name is Tik Tok right now. As you can tell, Mr Faisu used to go to shop with his father at work. Due to which he used to put videos on Tik Tok in the morning. And Adnan used to motivate Mr Faisu to put videos.

 But gradually, his family members came to know that it put videos on an app like Tik Tok. After watching videos of Mr Faisu, his family members said that do not do all this wasteful work, but where Mr Faisu just agreed to the housemates, he started putting 10 to 15 videos of the day daily, Mr Faisu said in an interview.

Mr Faisu used to put videos in team07 and also on Tik Tok separately. Views were not found in starting. But gradually he and his team were reaching the limelight of the famous. Then in the year 2019, Tik Tok was going to be banned, and this app was removed from google play store. But then Ban was later lifted.

After that, understand that Mr Faisu was reaching the height of a rocket. Then in the same year 2019, he made a video which was going to harm the emotions of the people. For this reason Tik Tok India banned his account. It is said that Mr Faisu apologized for this on social media as well as deleted the video but by then the video had spread all over social media. 

It is said that Shiv Sena member Ramesh Solanki went to Mumbai police and filed an FIR. Gradually everything went well and his account returned in February 2020. Currently, Mr Faisu has more than 26 million Tik Tok fans.

He also recently opened his youtube channel in which he casts vlogs. Their popularity is spreading very fast. They are also more active on Tik Tok as well as Instagram. Let us tell you that through being famous on Tik Tok, it has also got many music albums.

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A few days ago, on his t-series too, which is the biggest channel on youtube. He released an album on that. He has achieved a lot of success in his life. It was only because of Tik Tok that this was the journey of Tik Tok, how did you feel knowing this journey, do not forget to comment below.

Final Word

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