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Today we are going to talk about youtube  Dharmendra Kumar (My Smart Support)  which we see on his YouTube channel My Smart Support. Today we are going to read My Smart Support Biography. in this post and will know many things related to Dharmendra’s life, how Dharmendra Kumar from a village succeeded on YouTube and how to become a successful October. 


According to YouTubers, he was the first to start making videos on YouTube on technical topics. People like the style of making their videos very much, they always make videos in home style, especially those who are from the October village side, they also consider them to be their gurus. Dharmendra has also given many YouTubers a fat update through their tech videos to their weavers. Dharmendra Kumar makes down to earth man, he makes videos related to his village through his vlog channel.

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Dharmendra always makes his viewers happy with his videos. He has two YouTube channels, one named my smart support, and the other channel is named  Dharmendra Kumar. Friends, although we see Dharmendra at a very high height, very few people know how many difficulties he had to face in order to get success. In today’s post, we will read in detail about Dharmendra Kumar’s struggle-filled life and hard work success. 


Dharmendra Kumar was born in a small village in Bihar, his primary education was from Dalmiya Nagar Primary School in the village, he completed his college in 2007 and also worked part-time in cyber cafes where They used to get 2 to 3 thousand salaries of the month. 


They could barely survive in such a small amount of money, due to which they were always worried about their future. Sometimes they did not even know how they would be able to get dinner after working all day, the financial condition of their house was also not right. But he did not give up and started moving forward. Hours used to be learned to sit on YouTube and create a website and learned how to build a website like this and in order to work further, lying to father-in-law, he demanded money to buy a laptop.

Then they started looking for customers to build this website but they could not find any. But they did not give up and outside the cyber café where they used to work, they put up posters to make a website, due to which the principal of a college gave them the task of creating the website of their college. They got 10 thousand rupees for creating a website, which Dharmendra was very happy to get, and then he started making websites in 5 thousand or 3 thousand in the same way. Then one day where someone made them create an e-commerce website and Dharmendra made that website so good that it became famous very quickly and he got many new customers as well. 


One day one of his friends of Dharmendra told YouTube and his earnings. Dharmendra took his friend’s serial and made two, three videos related to technology and website on YouTube and put it on YouTube.After a few days, when Dharmendra saw his YouTube channel, his videos had a lot of views and comments. And people had asked him to make more videos, which made Dharmendra very happy. Then Dharmendra started making videos continuously and his subscribers started to grow as soon as he saw them. YouTube changed Dharmendra’s life completely. Today, his channel also has around 12 lakh subscribers.

Dharmendra makes related videos on his YouTube channel with unboxing, reviews, gadgets and website disseminating, domain hosting. His videos are very helpful for the people as well as he has another YouTube channel on which he makes videos with his village and friends related to his life. It also has around 1,80,000 subscribers to Dharmendra on the channel.

Friends, people know very well that Dharmendra also has the duty of wildlife photography, due to which he goes out to do photography with a camera in his free time. Apart from this, he also loves watching Motivational videos on YouTube, due to which he can become such a successful October. He started the journey of creating his own website by watching similar motivational videos. Friends, Dharmendra Kumar is ideal for YouTubers, as well as he is also a good person, everyone loves watching his videos.

Questions related to Dharmendra

  1. My Smart Support Net Worth – 2 to 3 Crores
  2. My Smart Support Address – Bihar, Dalmiyanagar
  3. My Smart Support YouTube Earnings – 3 to 4 Lakh Months
  4. My Smart Support Contact Number – Not Known
  5. My Smart Support Phone Number – Not Known

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