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Hello Friends Internet, through YouTube we have found many such outstanding heroes who have achieved their place in the hearts of all of us with their skill and different style.

In today’s life, YouTube has become an integral part of all of us. At the same time, we like to learn something from YouTube and there are many favorite utbars of all of us who we also follow.

Some of the millions of people present in October have come as an example to all of us through their hard work. Seeing which we think to be like them, to work hard or achieve success, that is, in real life, they can become the source of our inspiration.

Today I am going to tell about NEON MAN Boigraphy. Neon Man who gained popularity after starting his YouTube channel, Neon Man is an Indian Youtuber,

Which is one of the fastest growing and successful October. So let’s know about the failure of Neon Man. So let’s start.

Neon man biography

Neon Man was born in 2001 in the village of Kharagpur in the district of Medinipur in West Bengal. The real name of Neon Man is Ayush. Ayush now lives in Kolkata.

But Aayush is still a student and he is 18 years old and a neon man who studies in his college in Kharagpur. It is a small matter that they are different from other October.

Ayush is very talented in studies, he got more than 90% marks in his class of 12th. His family is very supportive of him. Ayush is a very favorite student of his teachers.


Ayush started its YouTube channel on 17 April 2017. And Ayush is a good day in today’s world. He also struggled to have a successful October.

When his first video went viral, there was a huge support of carryminati and his channel started getting more views and he became very famous due to his good and innocent voice.

Ayush is also very good at thinking, video gaming of girls is also very good. Neon Man uploaded his first video on 18 April 2017.

His intro line is also popular which says “Toh ki haal chaat sat shri akal, main hum neon man and aaj hum talker hai ki” His intro is very cute.

Neon Man has 616K subscribers on its YouTube channel so far. Soon their channel will get 1 million subscribers.

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