Nischay Malhan Biography, Family, Net Worth, Age & More

Hello friends, today I am going to tell about Nischay malhan biography. Nischay Malhan is an Indian Youtuber. They make roasting videos on their YouTube channel.

Each of his roosting videos is done in comedy style. This is a famous famous October. They make roasting, commentaries and reaction videos on their channel.

If you do not know about Triggered insaan i.e. Nischai Malhan, then let me tell you about Nischai Malhan.

Nischay Malhan Biography

Triggered Insaan’s real name is Nischay Malhan. Nischay Malhan was born on 14 November 1995 in Delhi India. Nischay Malhan is about 26 years old.

Nischay is the only son of her parents, and she also has an elder sister named Prerna Malhan. He did his schooling from Delhi. Nischay is an engineering student who has completed ECE engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

Nischay Malhan career

After learning that Malhan’s studies were complete, he was thinking about his career. Nishcha’s father had given him a gaming laptop. On which the games used to be decided. Initially, he wanted to make a video only by playing games.

He created a YouTube channel named “its Nischay” and started uploading videos of his gaming on it.

The video of his gaming was not getting some good views and good response. One day I saw a roasting video on YouTube and he thought why not make a roasting video.

Nishchay changed the name of his YouTube channel to “Triggered insaan”. Nischay started making videos on this channel.

He uploaded his first video on 25 June 2017, on which he did not get any good response and started making videos continuously.

Surely did not give up. Nishcha made a video that did Dhinchak Pooja on this video.

This video of him became very viral. Nishcha is very happy and he keeps making videos continuously, which people like very much.

Nischay loves to play games, after coming to YouTube, he has created another YouTube channel called “Live Inaan”. Definitely uploads the highlights of gaming on this channel.

Nischay Malhan YouTube channel

Nischay Malhan has two channels on YouTube.

Nischay Malhan Instagram account

Triggered Insaan (Nischay Malhan) has a 1.5m followers on Instagram . Triggered Insaan (Nischay Malhan) is a user triggeredinsaan name.

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