Priya Gupta Biography, Age, Height, Family, Boyfriend & More

In today’s post, we are going to tell you about the life introduction of Priya Gupta , in this post we will tell you about the introduction of Priya Gupta Biography, Family, Education, Career , YouTube Income .

Priya Gupta Biography

It is not easy for everyone to achieve their dreams in a very short time, but Rajasthani artist Dancer Priya Gupta achieved her dream at a very young age. He was very fond of dancing since childhood and he decided to move forward in this field, which today he is earning a lot of name in his field of dancing. 

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Priya Gupta is known by the name of Sona Babu . 

If you work hard to achieve your dreams and also have the support of your family, then you achieve that dream very quickly. Priya Gupta’s family supported her very much for this work, due to which she achieved this position. 

Priya Gupta wanted to go into the field of dancing since childhood and wanted to earn her name in this area, due to this, she used to dance since childhood and whenever there was a program in the school, she used to participate first in her family. Amongst them, his parents and grandparents also supported him a lot, and in this work, people also gave them new ideas in dancing to move forward. 

NamePriya Gupta
Birth3 March 1998
birth placeJodhpur Rajasthan
SurnameSona Babu
Ages24 years
MoneyDancer, comedy
HobbyActing and dancing
School10 pass from Jodhpur
collageNot Know
husbandNot Know
motherNot Know
Marital statusUnmarried
Favorite artistKumar Gaurav, Tina Rathod
Earnings month70 thousand to 1.5 lakh rupees per month
Current residenceJodhpur, Rajasthan
BeginningPRG Film Studio से
Surana joins film studio2018
First hit songsStatement thickened [PRG]

Today, Priya Gupta ‘s name is known by everyone in Rajasthan. She made her mark in Rajasthan with her hard work and dedication. They are seen by a lot of people on YouTube and his videos are pretty much like they worked in acting than dancing, which he like many high-profile actors as comedy Pankaj Sharma cool Marwari with Also worked.

Despite being less educated, he also achieved the dreams he had for living the life of his dreams. He worked in many big companies of reputed Rajasthan, including PRG Music and Film Studio , Surana Film Studio in such companies. He made a mark in the hearts of people on the basis of his acting.

Let us know today how Priya Gupta started in her life and who is in her family, what is her income and what are some of the famous songs presented by her.

Priya Gupta Social media

Social Media NameUser IDFollowers
Instagrammepriyagupta244k Followers
FaceBookPriya Gupta (sona babu)96k Followers
YouTubeNot KnowNot Know
TwitterNot KnowNot Know

Priya Gupta Birth, Place, Family, Education

Priya Gupta was born on 3 March 1998 in Jodhpur Rajasthan . Priya Gupta, the gold Babu is also known and most of these comedy their names in video gold Babu is kept Priya Gupta is their parents grandparents and their three siblings, their joint family household.

Priya Gupta received her education from Jodhpur, she did her studies up to class X, after which she did not do her further education. Due to some family circumstances, he studied till 10th and then left his studies and followed his passion and progressed in the field of dancing and fulfilled his dreams in the same field.  

Priya Gupta Career Journey

Success requires a passion and for whatever destination you want to achieve, you have to work hard in the right direction, in the same way Priya Gupta, whom we know as Sona Babu , has been in the field of dancing since childhood. Was fond of going in 

Priya Gupta loved to dance when she was younger and she used to dance at her home and in her school, her dance was very good and people used to praise her dance. 

If there was any cultural program in the school, then they used to participate in it for their dance, their dance was very good, due to which people used to play applause, after that they thought that they would make a career in this dance field and move on. When he used to dance at his home, his family supported him, his parents worked to teach dance and his grandparents also supported him a lot. 

Many times our family members do not support us, but nothing happened to them, their family supported them a lot, due to this they achieved this stage for which people dream. 

Gradually Priya Gupta used to dance in cultural programs at her home and school, due to which people saw and admired her program, her family members helped her to dance and helped her to teach new steps. . 

Once his maternal uncle spoke to his friend Salim ji  who is the director of a company that I have a niece who does a good dance, you see her dance once and tell her if it works. 

After that one day Salim ji called him that you come and are recording an album here, we have to work on it, then he decided to go there, but  Priya Gupta did not know how. They get dressed and dance, how is the shoot done, yet somehow they reached there and danced there, then the director praised their dance very much and then in the same way they slowly made their album. Started and his videos started appearing on Youtube, which people liked by watching. 

The real beginning of Priya Gupta’s career is believed to be from PRG Music Film Studio , where she shot her own album and due to this album it made much headlines in Rajasthan. This started giving him further work. The name of the album he shot was “Statement Gets Gone “.

The album was very popular in Rajasthan and people liked the album very much. After this he got several programs from PRG Film Studio , in which he worked.

Apart from this, he also worked in the field of singing and performed many songs which were quite a hit.

After this, Priya Gupta joined Surana Film Studio in 2018 and continued her work from there.

As soon as Priya Gupta joined Surana Film Studio, she started doing comedy with Pankaj Sharma . He used to shoot comedy videos and uploaded them to YouTube, which became a much more popular comedy, in which he played the role of Sona Babu , which became famous all over Rajasthan.

His comedy here was such that after a few hours of uploading his videos, millions of views started coming, due to which his fan followings increased very much. 

After this, he worked in many other places, in which he used to do dance singing, in today’s time, his videos are very much a hit, people watch his videos. 

Apart from this, Priya Gupta along with Pankaj Sharma and Bindas Marwadi perform nightly Bhajan Jagran and programs in which people know her as Sona Babu .

Priya Gupta started her career in this manner and is on a successful stage today.

Priya Gupta Achievement

Priya Gupta achieved many achievements in her life, she fulfilled her dream of taking herself forward in the field of dancing. 

Today, his videos are seen by millions of people soon after uploading on YouTube, which is quite a big achievement for him, apart from this he also earned his name in the field of comedy .

Sona Babu became famous all over Rajasthan and this comedy helped her to gain much fame.

He started it from childhood to achieve such a big place in his work, and practiced, then he fulfilled the dream and today it is on a successful stage.

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