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Hello friends, today I am going to tell Realhit biography. About Realhit youtube channel Realhit is an Indian channel. Comedy video is uploaded on Realhit channel. Realhit is the three boys behind the channel’s success…

The first of them is Piyush Gujjar, Deepak Chauhan and the third name is Shubham Gandhi. His wines are popular all over the country. If you do not know about Realhit logo or about Realhit, then let me tell you.

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Realhit biography

In 2005, when the three Piyush, Deepak, Shubham’s friendship took place in college, later their friendship became very deep. When in class, these people used to have a lot of fun, and used to make everyone laugh, and they had a lot of fun laughing at others.

After school, Deepak joined AMT University and Piyush, Shubham Delhi University, after college, the three got together. A people used to meet when their college vacation started.


These people used to have a lot of fun living together during the holidays. And all three used to play games like FIFA Playstation. They realized one day how much time they are wasting by playing the game.

These people thought of doing something good in their holidays and those people watched the wines on YouTube videos which these people liked very much. Then he thought that now a comedy video should be made.

When he thought of making a comedy video, he did not have a camera, then made his first video from his laptop webcam.

Realhit Career

When Piyush, Deepak, Shubham did one of their first videos called Exam Funny Videos which they did not upload. Enjoyed making this video,

He then made another video, slowly making about ten videos and he put one of his videos on YouTube.

A few days later he created a Facebook page named Realhit. After this, they started uploading videos on YouTube and Facebook, they became a little serious in making videos. They started spending more and more time making YouTube videos.

They spent the whole day making and editing videos. Due to which his family started getting angry because he has chosen a career in which there is absolutely no stability. But at that time, his videos did not get special views.

After some time, his YouTube videos started becoming very viral and his page also started running, which made him very happy after seeing it and his family members also started supporting him after seeing his success. Today, his channel has more than 2.8 million subscribers, soon he will have 3 million subscribers.

Realhit Dialogue

  • Afraid jim kare hai
  • Khu Kuwa is ahead, your brother will be engaged to this prisoner
  • Never in the race of life is Haru today, the weather Kaida will run today
  • The color is our own, we are just sweet
  • Baby jaise, the world has a lot more people, just like you, my talk is a line of stone

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