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Hey guys, you must be knowing this, that I keep posting articles on biography and lifestory for you guys on my website. today we are going to talk about famous actor, fashion blogger, youtuber, tick talk star Riyaz Aly .

Riyaz Aly Biography

He has made his huge fam on Tik Tok. His followers are the highest on Tik Tok so far. But what is the reason behind being famous, and how many problems came? All those things will be told to you today through this post. Also, your biography is also going to be told to you, so start quickly.

Instant Biography of Riyaz Aly

  • Real – Riyaz Aly Afreen
  • Nick Name – Riyaz
  • DOB- 14 September 2003
  • Birth land – Jaygaon Bhutan India.
  • School -SHMD Jaygaon Bhutan.
  • Father’s name – not told?
  • Mother’s name – Shabnam Afreen
  • Address-Jaygaon
  • Current address – Mumbai Maharastra India.
  • Are f amous? – To make Tik Tok videos.
  • Religion – Muslim [Islam]
  • Nationality – Indian.

Riyaz Aly Lifestory

The thing starts from September 14, 2003, when he was born in a small city in Jaigaon Bhutan. He is accompanied by his parents and a sister. Riyaz Aly is studying his school from SHMD Jaygaon. It is said that he has given his 10th class exam recently. And their study is still in progress. Fam studying this further, fam wants to earn.


It is said that they do not feel at all in the subject of maths. Riyaz Aly was fond of being famous since childhood. It is said that Riyaz Aly was not allowed to participate in any kind of functions and shows in his school.

Because it was thick in childhood. His sister Riza Afreen who is herself a Tik Tok star. Riza Afreen was to start making videos on music. Seeing them, Riyaz Aly also started making videos on Tik Tok. Today it is the creators with the most followers on Tik Tok.

But in the beginning when he made his account musically. And at that time when it used to put videos. So, such a good response was not found on these videos. But Riyaz Aly continued his efforts. Because he was fond of becoming a famous star from the beginning.

This hard work is being used today. His sister Riza Afreen already used to put videos on Tik Tok. But his brother Riyaz Aly has become quicker and more famous than this. It is said that Riyaz Aly’s sister always used to inspire Riyaz, and tells that she is proud of Riyaz.

Riyaz Aly Tik Tok Journey

Now talk about his Tik Tok journey, his life was not so easy. It is said that they also did not get likes and views in starting. Then gradually he continued his hard work and has become such a big Tik Tok star today.

It has become the first Indian Tick Talk star to gain followers on Tik Tok most and fast. Riyaz Aly got the real boost when Mr faisu’s account was banned. At one time, there were no followers on Tik Tok more than mr faisu.

But after account ban, Riyaz Aly was very much liked on Tik Tok. Let me tell you that Tik Tok has over 40 million followers. This data is increasing very fast. Apart from Riyaz Tik Tok, he is also very active on instagram.


Riyaz Aly has a networth of $ 1 million. Their monthly income is more than ₹ 100k. They have worked hard before achieving such a huge success. If you want to see these Tik Talk videos. So you can see them by going to their Tik Tok profile.

Partner, you will also find his video on youtube. Riyaz Aly has also received many album songs through Tik Tok. His album songs have also been very much a hit. He has also composed his name song with Neha kakkar.

Let me tell you that Neha kakkar is also a good friend of Riyaz Aly. Tell us by commenting whether you like Riyaz Aly’s videos or not.

final words

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