Rohit Zinjurke (Rohittt_09) Biography, Girlfriend, Income – salary & More

Hello friends, in today’s post, the famous TikTok star and instagram influencer “Rohit Zinjurke Biography ” has been discussed. Under which we will give you information about Rohit Zinjurke family, early life story, education, 1st TikTok video, girlfriend/wife.

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Rohit Zinjurke Biography

  • Name – Rohit Gingerke
  • Nickname – Reaction Boy
  • Born – 9 April 2000
  • Location (Birthplace) – Surat (Gujarat)
  • (Father’s Name) – N/A
  • (Mother’s Name) – N/A
  • Sister’s Name – Rohini Gingerke
  • Profession – Actor, Model
  • Age – 21 years (as in 2021)

Rohit Zinjurke Physical Appearances 

  • Height – 5.6 inches
  • (Weight) – 58 KG
  • Hair Color – Black

Rohit Zinjurke wiki

Just like famous instagram influencer Bhavin Bhanushali . Rohit Gingerke, who is famous for his attitude, expression and slowmotion videos, was born on 9 April 2000 in Surat city of Gujarat. His childhood was spent in many troubles and poverty.

There is not much information available about his father. Because in the childhood of Rohit, his father left the house due to not being able to handle the responsibilities of the family. But, in the absence of father, mother raised Rohit and Rohini.

Rohit’s mother’s name was also never made public. But, the biggest contribution in Rohit’s success was his mother’s.

Rohit Zinjurke Educaton

Rohit   completed his early studies from a private school in Surat . But, due to family problems, he did not feel like studying.

He had told in his interview that he was liked by almost every beautiful girl in the school. He once even wrote a letter to a girl. To which no answer came.

Rohit Zinjurke early life

From childhood, there was a shortage of money in Rohit’s house. Rohit’s mother also used to fulfill the needs of both her children by doing different jobs. But, as soon as Rohit passed class 12th, family responsibilities came upon him.

Due to which he also had to work as a salesman at a sari shop. During this job, he also got to know many qualities of handling business and customers.

Rohit Zinjurke TikTok

While working as a salesman, some of his friends showed him tiktok videos. Due to which Rohit was very impressed and himself also decided to make short videos.

But, Rohit did not have any camera or mobile at that time. So he juggled an old mobile and started making videos on Tiktok.

Rohit created his first Tiktok account in 2019 and put many videos one after the other. But, not a single video went viral and his account was also frozen.

Frustrated by this, Rohit left the job and started working again at the saree showroom.

Rohit Zinjurke 2nd Account

One day a child came to Rohit and started asking him for a selfie. That day Rohit was very happy and decided to create a Tiktok account again.

Then in June 2019, he again started making slow motion videos. His second video became very viral and he also became 100k (1 lakh) followers in just 3 videos.

Rohit Zinjurke TikTok Followers

Rohit’s followers started increasing overnight and in November 2019, Rohit’s 1 Million followers were also completed. After which many other creators collaborated with them.

Soon on 16 January 2020, 2 Million followers of Rohit Gingerke were also completed. People were liking their content very much. Due to which Rohit’s happiness knew no bounds.

Rohit Zinjurke Girlfriend

When Rohit got 1 million followers on Tiktok, then famous tiktok star Nita Slimkar called him. Then after a conversation that lasted for 30 minutes, both of them decided to work together.

People also liked their fun-filled videos and on seeing them both became very good friends. Seeing their friendship, people started guessing that Rohit is Zinjurke’s girlfriend – Nita Slimkar.

But, Rohit told that they are only good friends. Also, Rohit said that he would like to make a girl his girlfriend as soon as Neeta.

Rohit Zinjurke’s Instagram, Facebook, Youtube Channel :

  1. Instagram ID – @rohittt_09
  2. Youtube Channel – Rohit Zinjurke
  3. TikTok ID – @ _Rohittt_09
  4. Facebook ID – RohitX09

Rohit Zinjurke’s Hairstyle

Rohit’s fans are not only crazy about his attitude videos and slowmo videos. Rather, Rohit’s hairstyle has also left a different impression on the minds of his fans.

Rohit Zinjurke income 

When Rohit completed 2 million followers, he left his job after working in a sari showroom in Surat for 2 years.

He had to say that he now earns 3 times more than his salary from sponsorships.

Rohit Zinjurke Hobbies & Favourites :

  • Favorite Actor: Ranveer Singh
  • Favorite Actress:  Alia Bhatt
  • Favorite Food: Butter Chicken
  • Favorite Sport: Cricket  

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