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Friends, if you watch comedy videos, you must have seen videos of Rounde2Hell at one time or another. If you have not seen it, then today we are going to read Round2Hell biography in this article. Through this post, we are also going to know about all the characters of Round2Hell . 

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Guys Round2hell This is YouTube channel. On which comedy videos are performed. Wasim, Zayan, Nazim run this channel together. All three are childhood friends. It is from the same village, they started making comedic videos on this channel together.


Wasim, Nazim and Zayan all live in the same village, these people live in a small village in Moradabad city of Uttar Pradesh . These three have also completed their studies from different schools and colleges, of which Nazim studied his school from Modern Public School, while Wasim did his studies from Alameter School and lived up to it, he studied at PMS School Has been completed. 

These three did not study in a school, but their friendship was very good. All three friends dreamed of doing something big from the beginning. Nazim used to play very good football among these friends. He thought why not introduce his football skills to people through YouTube.


This is where Nazim started a channel on which he used to make free style football tricks and videos related to it. However, when the videos were not getting views, Nazim stopped uploading videos. Even then, he used to watch videos on YouTube. He saw comedy videos and wines being very well liked by the people. 

After which Nazim along with his friends formed a Round2hell YouTube channel. After uploading the channel, he uploaded his first video. Her first video garnered 120 views. Seeing this, he also made part 2 of that video, although when he made the videos, people would taunt him and write the study. All of this will not happen. Hearing the taunts of the people, all three friends were also demotivated very quickly.

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They had decided to shut down YouTube. But then a friend of his, Alam Saifi, gave him a motive and also said that focus on his work more than listening to the things of the people. Alam Saifi also gifted a Tripod to encourage him. After this, the three friends resumed YouTube with a positive view. To make videos on YouTube, the three friends also bought a DSLR camera with the money so that the video quality could be good. However, even after doing all this, there were no special views on his videos.


But in the meantime, he also made his own page on Facebook, he started uploading his videos on his Facebook page as well. After some time, one of his videos on Facebook became very viral and it got more than 1 lakh views.

But even now, his YouTube channel did not get that many views. When Jio was in the news in 2016 because Jio decided to discontinue all its free plans. At that time, he made a video in which he showed the way people use Jio in a comedy way. People liked this video of Round2hell very much.

After this video went viral, the three friends never looked back. After this, he made more than one good video. People started to like their videos very much. We can see today that every video of round2hell comes on the Trending section on YouTube. round2hell’s YouTube channel has 20 million subscribers. Perhaps when you are reading this post, its subscribers will have read more.


 Every month earnings of Round2hell are around 15 to 20 lakhs. We do not have any specific knowledge about their total assets or net worth due to no accurate information about round2hell’s total assets.

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  1. Round2hell Cast Team –  Nazim, Wasim, Zayn    
  2. Round 2 Hell Instagram –  @round2hell    
  3. Round 2 Hell Twitter –  @ round2hell 
  4. Round 2 Hell Income –  15 – 20 Lakh Months  
  5. Round 2 Hell Net Worth –  Not Known 

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