Ruchika Jangid Biography, Age, Height, Family & More

If you like listening to Haryanvi songs, then you must have heard the songs of popular Haryanvi singer Ruchika Jangid . She is a Haryanvi Singer and Model. He has sung many super hit songs in the Haryanvi industry. 

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Ruchika Jangid has been singing songs in Haryanvi industry since 2015. She has also done lip syncing in several songs. Ruchika Jangid has become so famous in today’s time that apart from the people of Haryana, people from all over the country listen to and listen to her songs.

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Friends, in this post we will give you detailed information about Ruchika Jangid Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Boyfriend & more. We will  tell you such facts about Ruchika Jangid , which you may have never heard of before.

Ruchika Jangid’s career in music

Ruchika Jangid was born on 27 November 1997 in Shamli village in Uttar Pradesh. He was very fond of music since childhood. Ruchika started learning music only at the age of 10. His parents were very supportive  and he recognized this talent of Ruchika.

Ruchika’s parents joined her as well as a music class. Once from Haryana, TR Bhai came to meet Ruchika’s Guru ji. Ruchika’s guru and TR’s guru were the same. When he heard the song of Ruchika, he liked Ruchika’s voice very much. He requested Ruchika to sing Haryanvi songs for him.

Ruchika had absolutely no interest in Haryanvi songs and Ruchika refused. But TR had to accept a lot of request from  Ruchika and Ruchika. Ruchika’s first song with TR His first song was Kali Pili Tole Ho , his first song was liked by the people and the song became a hit.

Ruchika performed many super hit songs in Haryanvi like Bahu Kale Ki, Lado, Purpose, Veil Ben, Coca Cola, Aankh Ladagi, Daroga Ji and Mari Jatni.

Family of Ruchika Jangid

Ruchika Jangid lives in Shamli Uttar Pradesh with her parents. Ruchika has not shared much information about her family.

Ruchika Jangid Boyfriend, Marital status

Ruchika Jangid is not married yet and is not in relationship with anyone. She has no intention of getting married at the moment and she pays more attention to her work.

Some facts about Ruchika Jangid

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  • Ruchika is mainly from Uttar Pradesh and she sings Haryanvi songs.
  • Ruchika is fond of listening to Bollywood songs.
  • The first song of Ruchika was loved by the people and this song was a hit.
  • Even after being such a great singer, Ruchika respects all the artists and also works with them.
  • Ruchika also does lip sync in many of her Haryanvi songs.
  • Ruchika also loves to dance.

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Friends, we gave you detailed information about Ruchika Jangid Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Boyfriend & more. Hope that you will like this information related to Ruchika Jangid’s life. 

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