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Sameer Jangid is a Punjabi Singer associated with Punjabi Music Industry. He was born on 5 January 2000 and his birthplace is Jaipur, Rajasthan. His height is about 5′ 9″. Sameer Jangid’s real name is Sameer Kumar Jangid. 

Sameer Jangid Complete Career

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Sameer Jangid has become a youth icon at a very young age and established a good relationship with very talented and well-known personalities of Music. He completed his matriculation from Talent Public Sen. Sec. School and then went to Kaushik Shiksha Niketan Senior Secondary School, Jaipur for his secondary education. He was taking part in singing and modeling competitions during his study and won many prizes. During the starting days of his career, the singer released 2-3 songs on YouTube.

He was not supported by his family at the beginning of his career as they did not want him to be a singer/Lyricist or model. But his passion for singing inspired him to make his career with his hard work and efforts. He worked hard to improve his singing skills and launched his first official song ”Yaari” on 05-01-2019.

This song got him popularity and people started recognizing him as a singer. The song was released by ”Sonotek Cassettes” and promoted by the famous Haryanvi singer ‘’Gulzaar Chhaniwala’’, and Then Sameer Jangid’s second Song ’33 Foot Road Wala’ was Promoted By Famous Haryanvi Singer ”Sumit Goswami”. His success and popularity make his parents and friends realize their mistakes and they also came in his support.

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The talented singer did not stop after his first official release and kept on working hard. His passion for his work is taking him on the way to success. Not only his singing attracts the listeners but his modeling too. His melodious voice makes listeners fall in love with his singing. Now, he is a well-known and established singer. Some of his famous and hit songs are ”Paara90 degree”, ”Mull Pyar Da”, “Munda Fan Hoya”, Mere Saale”, “Mafia Background” and ”33 Foot Road Wala”. His journey is going on and he is working on many new projects.

Sameer Jangid released many songs names are ‘yaari, 33 Foot Road Wala, Time, Mafia Background, Mull Pyaar Da, Paara 90 Degree, Munda Fan Hoya, June wide, Follow, Mere Saale, Yaar Rabb Jehe’ Etc. And recently Sameer tribute to Sidhu Moose Wala with a song titled ‘Legend Moose Wala’.

Sameer is a well-known Punjabi Singer with a huge fan base all over India and over social media, He has over 1.1 Million Instagram Followers and 23K Subscribers on his Youtube Channel and Over 10.4K Facebook Profile followers & 23K Facebook Page Followers.

Sameer Jangid Fact

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  • In September 2019, Sameer performed in a live concert at Birla auditorium along with Sumit Goswami and others.
  • Sameer Jangid has also done a show in Jaipur with Punjabi singer Kamal Khaira.
  • He is inspired by Bill Gates and working hard to achieve his goals in life.
  • The singer has Zodiac Sign is Kumbh or Aquarius which is a sign of progress, energy, and independence.
  • Sameer Jangid will now release all his upcoming songs on his own YouTube channel.
  • Sameer Jangid’s Instagram account ”sameerjangidofficial” has more than 1 Millone followers.

With a never quitting spirit, hard work, 5 years of struggle, and more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram and other social media sites. Today, Sameer Kumar Jangid, also known as Sameer Jangid, is a big name in the niche of music and songs. He’s a professional Punjabi singer and a person with a pure heart who always keeps a good behavior towards other people.

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