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Friends, today we are going to talk about that you often see on interviews with famous celebrities, and famous YouTubers on videos of their channel Satish Kushwaha. Currently, they are running many YouTube channels and websites where they talk about people’s interviews and their lives.

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These are gradually becoming very famous, they are known due to their style of interviewing. Today we are going to tell you a few things related to his life  Satish Kushwaha Biography, so let’s start. 


Friends, Satish Kushwaha was born on 27 September 1994 in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh, and his early education was from his village primary school. After finishing college, Satish completed computer science and engineering from Axis College of Kanpur. His father’s name is Harigovind Kushwaha, who runs a medical store. Satish was in the category of talented children from the beginning and wanted to do something different from Suru. 


When Satish was in his engineering college, he slowly started trending towards YouTube and Internet, due to which he made a YouTube channel on 22 November 2014 but he did not put any video on it, later in 2016, he made his first video.

Satish used to make comedy videos in Suru and his videos were also liked by the people. Satish completed 1 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel on 14 April 2018  and a month later, he also received the Silver Play button from YouTube. Satish earned her first $ 125 from YouTube which was 9000 rupees in Indian rupees. 

Satish does all the work like scripting, dialogue, and video editing of his videos on his own. Satish has four channels on YouTube on which he produces videos, but Satish has only two channels, namely  Satish Kushwaha and  Satish’s videos. Satish makes comedy videos on his channel as well as blogs and on his second channel, he takes interviews of big YouTubers and bloggers. 


By the way, if we talk, then Satish has many income sources such as affiliate marketing, brand promotion, link placement, blogging, sponsorship, Satish has the highest income from his YouTube channels. Satish earns around 3 to 4 lakh rupees every month from YouTube. Apart from this, Satish also earns a lot of money from brand promotion. 

At the same time, Satish earns money from his website, but in this, he earns only 15% because all the work of the website is made by the friend Satish, so Satish only gets 15% of income, if the total talk together, then Satish will get 5 from the month. They earn up to 6 lakh rupees.  


1. Earning of Satish’s videos? –  5 to 6 Lakhs Monthly 
2. Satish’s videos net worth? –  30 to 40 Lakhs  
3. Satish Kushwaha Blog Name? –  Techyukti ( 
4. Satish Kushwaha (Videos of Satish) Age (Age)? –  27 years 
5. Satish Kushwaha Income? –  5 to 6 Lakhs Monthly

6. Satish Kushwaha Net Worth? –  30 to 40 Lakhs  

I hope that you must have liked the success story of your beloved Utbar Satish Kushwaha Biography I wish that Satish will continue making such videos and inspire and motivate us. So friends, if you have liked the post, then definitely tell it by commenting, if you have noticed any mistake in the post then by commenting, tell us that we will improve it.

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