Technical Guruji Biography, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Family, & More

Today I am going to tell you guys on this post. About technical guruji. Who is a Tech youtuber, influencer, engineer. He has a very emotional, inspiring motivationl story. You are sure to get emotional after listening to his story. So let’s start without any delay. 

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Gaurav Choudhary Biography

The thing starts from 7 May 1991, the day his birth was Ajmer Rajasthan. His name is Gaurav choudhary. It is fast in study since childhood. He has graduated by doing B.Tech Engineering, in fact you must have heard the name of Technical Guruji.

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This is the name of their channel, they put regular videos on their channel, and this is probably the reason for continuously putting videos. Which it is such a big tech youtyber today. They continuously and daily put 2 videos on their channel. Let me tell you that they have 2 channels on YouTube.

1.Technical guruji
2.Gaurav choudhary

Gaurav choudhary lifestory

As I told you earlier, he has been sharp in study-writting since childhood, and he always used to top his school. It is said that when he was studying in school, there were two problems in his life. The first was his father’s accident at one time, then his family had to face a lot of problems.

Then gradually his family was restful that his father died, then there was a lot of problem in his family, then Gaurav continued his study, his brother was doing Bussiness setup in Dubai. So he too moved to Dubai with his brother and started doing an engineering job there.

But due to its intrest towards Gadgets, they created the channel on youtube and let you know that youtube channel named sharma ji technical supported them very much on youtube.

Technical guruji youtube journey

Let me tell you that he started his channel from october 2015, as well as he uploaded his first video on 2015 on youtube. By 2017, they have crossed the 1 Million mark on their channel and in the current time they have also crossed the 10 million mark on their channel.


They have popularity on almost all social media platforms. They do reviews and unboxing of smartphones on their channels. You will like their videos very much, you should also know that this is India’s No. 1 is a tech youtuber and is counted among the 2nd tech youtuber in the world. After all, he has achieved so much success after so many difficulties. 

Technical guruji Awards achievements

Let me tell you that they have been given many awards from youtube. His first award has been given by silver play button from youtube. Which is given on completion of 100000 subscribers.

Then they are given the Golden play button which is given after the completion of 1000000 subscriber, and the third Diamond play button which is given after the completion of one crore subscriber. Which is a dream of all. 

Final words

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