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Friends, if someone says to you that you can become a millionaire by playing a game, then you will hardly believe his words. But the story of which we are going to read today became a millionaire at the age of 18 by playing a game. 

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Friends, we are talking about, people of Ujjwal Chaurasia who are known as Techno Gamerz. In this post, we will see through Techno Gamerz Biography. how the brightest people earn millions by playing games at the age of 18 years and how they went on to make crores of husbands at the age of 18 by playing games.


Techno Gamerz is a famous YouTuber who produces videos of games on YouTube as well as live streaming. Techno Gamerz has 15 million subscribers on YouTube and has two channels on YouTube, one is techno gamerz and the other is Ujjwal. People know him as Techno Gamerz but his name is Ujjwal Chaurasia. Ujjwal lives in Delhi with his family.


  • 15 million subscribers on Techno Gamerz. 
  • 4 million subscribers on second channel 
  • 468k Instagram Followers   
  • 1 Million Instagram Followers on Second Insta Account 
  • 2 silver play buttons 
  • 2 gold play buttons 
  • Exhibit influence award 2020


  1. Techno Gamers Real Name –  Ujjwal Chaurasia
  2. Techno Gamers Age (Age) –  18 years
  3. Techno Gamers Networth – 1 Crore 
  4. Techno Gamers Girl Friend – Not Known 
  5. Techno Gamers Monthly Income – 15 – 20 Lakhs 
  6. Techno Gamers YouTube Channel – Techno Gamerz, Ujjwal  
  7. Techno Gamers Phone Number – Not Known    
  8. Techno Gamers Instagram – @ technogamerz , @Ujjwalgamer
  9. Techno Gamer Car – Lamborghini
  10. Techno Gamer House – Delhi 
  11. Techno Gamers Wife – Unmarried
  12. Techno Gamers brother – Ankit Chaurasia


Quick Info

Real NameUjjwal chaurasia
NameTechno Gamerz
Age19 Years old
Height164 Centimeter1.65 meter5.5 feet
Date of birth12 January, 2002

The beginning of life – Early life

Ujjwal was born on 2 January 2002 in Delhi. He has completed his school and college studies in Delhi itself.

YouTube and game launch – YouTube & Gaming Journey

Ujjwal started his YouTube channel in 2016, in Suru, he used to put technology-related videos on his channel. But gradually Ujjwal got interested in playing the game and started his second YouTube channel named techno gamerz.

Total Assets – Techno Gamerz Net Worth, Income

Friends, although Ujjwal has never talked to anyone about his income and net worth, looking at the performance of his YouTube channel, it is estimated that Ujjwal’s net worth is more than 10 million. Ujjwal earns the most money from their YouTube channel, apart from this they also earn from brand promotion and sponsorship.

Personal Life – Techno Gamerz Personal life

Ujjwal lives in Delhi with his family. Ujjwal’s elder brother Ankit Chaurasia also lives with him. Ujjwal was informed by his elder brother Ankit about playing games and earning on YouTube. His brother has a big contribution to Ujjwal’s life. 

Current life – Techno Gamerz Current life

Friends currently Ujjwal makes gameplay videos on their channel. They play GTA 5 games on their channel the most. They became more famous by playing brighter GTA 5 games.

Friends, the biography of Techno gamerz is truly an example for everyone, that if a man wants to do something with a sincere heart, then no one can stop him. If you have got a little value after reading Techno Gamerz Biography. So do comment and if any mistake of any kind is seen in the post, then we will comment on it.

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