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Friends, if you like to watch videos related to Tech, then you must have seen videos of Tech Burner at some time. If you have not seen it, then it is not a problem, today we are going to read Tech Burner Biography in this article. Tech Burner is very famous for making videos in its own style. 

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Tech Burner is an October that produces videos related to technology. Tech Burner’s real name is  Shlok Srivastava. Shlok is known for making videos on his YouTube channel on topics such as tech, mobile unboxing, gadget review.


Shlok Srivastava was born on  3 December 1995  in Delhi. Shlok completed his schooling at Delhi Public School. After finishing school and college, Shlok decided to do B.Tech. He did mechanical engineering from an engineering college in Delhi.


Real Name Shlok Srivastava 
Birth 3 December 1995  
Age 26 years 
The business UTober, blogging  
Education Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering 
birth place Delhi, India  
the nationality Indian 
religion Hindu 
original residence Delhi 


Shlok completed his schooling at a public school in Delhi. He then passed his 12th studies from the science side. Being a science background, Shlok decided to do B.Tech. Shloka completed her degree in Mechanical Engineering at B Tech.


By the way, Shlok is sometimes seen in his videos with his family members. But no one has any specific information about Shlok’s family yet. 

Making a video (YouTube Journey)

Shlok made his YouTube channel on 26 September 2014. Shloka put the first video on her channel on 29 September 2014. Shloka continued this journey of making videos and today we can all see how famous and popular Tech has become in October. Today Shlok has over 5 million subscribers on YouTube. Each of his videos gets more than 1 million views. Shlokas come in India’s best tech nutbars.


Friends, Shlok started his career as an October. He carried out his decision well. Shlok worked hard for 6 years to get success on YouTube. Shlokas currently work on YouTube as well. Further, Shlok will continue making similar YouTube videos.


Shloka is actually a very simple person. Shlok likes to roam in a foreign country, Shlok also went to China, where he has made videos, his own blogs can be seen on his channel. Shloka likes short hairstyles.

Net Worth

Friends, Shlok earns 8 – 10 Lakhs every month from their YouTube channel. Apart from this, Shlok also takes money by product branding, sponsorship, and many product reviews. Shlokas also make a good income from their website.

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