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Tony Kakka is a well known Singer, Song Writer and Music  Director  of India. Today everyone in Bollywood knows Tony because of his songs and his songs go on top trending. 

Tony Kakkar has sung songs for many Bollywood films. He writes his own songs and composes music himself. Tony is the brother of Sonu Kakkar and Neha Kakkar.

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Tony Kakkar Singing Career

Tony Kakkar was born on 9 April 1984 in a lower middle class family of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. His real name is Vipin Kakkar and Tony is his stage name. Tony’s father used to sell samosas to support his family. Tony’s family did not even own their own house in Rishikesh , they lived in a rented house.

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Tony’s elder sister Sonu was good at singing, so she started singing in Jagrato. She used to earn a lot of money from there. Tony and his younger sister Neha also started going with him. When these three started making good money, they closed their father’s Samoso shop.

After a few days his family started living in Delhi, Delhi was a big city, so he used to get more money to sing in Jagrato. In the year 2003, Sonu Kakkar got the opportunity to sing the song “Babuji Dheere Chalo”. People liked this song very much and Sonu also got recognition from it.

Tony Kakkar started his career with Shahrukh Khan Antham in 2012, the song went by Neha Kakkar and was produced by Tony Kakkar. After this, Tony wrote the song ‘Sawan Aaya Hai’ which went to the movie ‘Creature 3D’. This song proved to be a hit.

Tony’s first super hit song was ‘Mile Ho Tum Humko’ which he went with Neha. People liked this song very much and this is how Tony got recognized. This song was viewed by more than one billion people on YouTube.

After that he sang hit songs like Coca Cola, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Goa Wali Beach Pe, Dhimhe Dheeme, Nagin Ka Kamar. Tony started getting offers to sing and write many songs in Bollywood. Today Tony Kakkar is known as a star singer.

Tony kakkar’s family

Tony’s family includes his parents, his elder sister Sonu Kakkar, and his younger sister Neha Kakkar. His father’s name is Rishikesh Kakkar and his mother’s name is Niti Kakkar.


Tony Kakkar Girlfriend

Tony is not married yet and does not have any girlfriends. Tony is always seen with his sisters and he likes to spend time with them.

Tony Kakkar Height, Weight, Body Measurement

The height of Tony Kakkar is about 5 feet 6 inches and weighs about 62 kg. Tony is very handsome and attractive in appearance. Many girls take a liking to Tony’s smile.

What is Tony Kakkar’s Favorites

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is Tony’s favorite and Deepika Padukone is his favorite actress. Soni Kakkar and Neha Kakkar are described by Tony as their favorite singers. Tony’s favorite dancer is Dhanshree Verma.

Some facts about Tony Kakkar

  • Tony was born in a poor family, his father sold samosas.
  • Tony and his sister Neha have learned to sing from their elder sister Sonu.
  • Tony used to sing in Jagratas with his sisters at the age of just 4 years old.
  • Tony along with his sister Neha has featured on the cover of Glimpse Magazine.

Tony Kakkar Social Media Accounts


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