Nishu Tiwari Biography, Boyfriend, Age, Weight, Net Worth, Family, & More

Nishu Tiwari is an Indian YouTuber and social media  Influencer  , he has made his career on YouTube in a very short time. Friends Nishu Tiwari created his YouTube channel on 13 June 2019 and he  had made more than 1 lakh subscribers in a single month. 

It was a big challenge in itself, but nishu Tiwari uploaded regular prank videos and very easily made his career on YouTube.

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Nishu Tiwari Biography

Nishu Tiwari was born in a Brahmin family in Delhi on December 1999, she is very popular with her prank video on YouTube.

Nishu Tiwari’s career

Nishu Tiwari is a very open minded girl, she wanted to do something big since childhood. Nishu Tiwari hails from Delhi and is pursuing graduation in Mass Communication. She has also worked for India TV Haryana News Channel.

Once someone had pranked Nishu Tiwari in a park in Delhi, he also got the idea to make a prank video. He created his YouTube channel on 13 June 2019 and on 8 August 2019 he put his first video on YouTube. She continued to make videos without any demotivation.

Then once one of his videos went viral and he got millions of subscribers. People liked Nishu very much. Nishu has another YouTube channel on  which she makes Vlog videos, in which she makes videos related to her daily life.

Nishu has also worked in Vego Comedy’s Maha Sabha Realty Show and she wants to work in her TV serial next.

Family of Nishu Tiwari

In Nishu Tiwari’s family is his brother and his mother-in-law, in an interview he told that his father is not in this world. His family has always been supportive of him. Nishu’s father’s name is Surendra Tiwari and his brother’s name is Aryan who appears in the prank video with him. Aryan also has a prank channel on YouTube.

Nishu Tiwari Boyfriend & Marital status

Nishu Tiwari does not yet have a relationship with anyone and she is fully focused in her work. They have no intention of getting married yet.

Nishu Tiwari Height, Weight Body Measurement

Nishu Tiwari is about 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 49 kg. Nishu is a beautiful girl, her eyes and hair are black in color.

Nishu Tiwari Photo

Nishu Tiwari is very funny girl and she wants to marry a funny boy in the future. She is beautiful and also attractive. Below is a collection of some photos of Nishu –

Nishu Tiwari’s YouTube Journey

Nishu Tiwari has two YouTube channels, on one channel she makes her prank videos and on another channel she makes videos related to her daily life. Nishu Tiwari’s channel ” Nautanki Nishu Tiwari ” has more than 1.6M subscribers and their second channel ” Nishu Tiwari Vlogs ” has more than 1.6 lakh subscribers.

Nishu Tiwari Instagram Account

Nishu Tiwari also has an account on Instagram and she is also very active. Neshu has 163K followers  , keeps posting regular posts on Instagram as well.

Nishu Tiwari’s Networth

The main source of income of Nishu Tiwari is the YouTube channel itself and also earns money from sponsorship. Nishu earns from 1 to 1.5 lakhs a month.

Nishu Tiwari Social Media Accounts


FAQs about Nishu Tiwari

1. Who is Nishu Tiwari?

Nishu Tiwari is a YouTuber who is famous for his prank  video  .

2. Where is Nishu Tiwari from?

Nishu Tiwari hails from Delhi.

3.Nishu Tiwari Religion?

Nishu Tiwari’s religion is Hindu and he belongs to a Brahmin family.

4. What does Nishu Tiwari like?

Nishu Tiwari loves to roam and he loves fun reasons.

5. What is the name of YouTube channel of Nishu tiwari ??

Nishu Tiwari has 2 YouTube channels –

  1. Nautanki Nishu Tiwari
  2. Nishu tiwari vlogs

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